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"Weird Al" Yankovic

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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Tom Lehrer         4.8x
2.Stephen Lynch         4.0x
3.Jonathan Coulton         3.7x
4.Richard Cheese         3.6x
5.They Might Be Giants         3.4x
6.The Lonely Island         3.0x
7.John Williams         3.0x
8.Yasunori Mitsuda         2.8x
9.Queen         2.6x
10.MC Frontalot         2.6x
11.Dr. Demento         2.4x
12.Alestorm         2.3x
13.Dethklok         2.3x
14.Paul and Storm         2.2x
15.Mc chris         2.1x
16.Yoko Kanno         2.1x
17.Seatbelts         2.0x
18.The Black Mages     2.0x
19.Alice Cooper         1.9x
20.Billy Connolly         1.9x
21.Tim Curry         1.9x
22.Penn Jillette       1.7x
23.Tim Minchin         1.7x
24.Apocalyptica         1.7x
25.Rush         1.6x
26.Daft Punk         1.6x
27.Bill Bailey         1.6x
28.Da Vinci's Notebook         1.6x
29.Tenacious D         1.6x
30.Trans-Siberian Orchestra         1.6x
31.The Aquabats         1.6x
32.John Lennon         1.6x
33.Blind Guardian         1.5x
34.Reel Big Fish         1.5x
35.Journey         1.5x
36.Cake         1.5x
37.Flogging Molly         1.5x
38.Dio         1.5x
39.Johnny Cash         1.5x
40.Abney Park         1.5x
41.Phil Collins         1.5x
42.Freezepop         < 1.5x
43.Great Big Sea         < 1.5x
44.Andrew W.K.         < 1.5x
45.AC/DC         < 1.5x
46.Dropkick Murphys         < 1.5x
47.Hikaru Utada         < 1.5x
48.Billy Joel         < 1.5x
49.The Who         < 1.5x
50.Oingo Boingo         < 1.5x
51.Simon & Garfunkel         < 1.5x
52.Bloodhound Gang         < 1.5x
53.Pat Benatar         < 1.5x
54.Foo Fighters         < 1.5x
55.Enya         < 1.5x
56.Styx         < 1.5x
57.Joan Jett         < 1.5x
58.Type O Negative         < 1.5x
59.Loreena McKennitt         < 1.5x
60.Frank Zappa         < 1.5x
61.Me First and the Gimme Gimmes         < 1.5x
62.The Dresden Dolls         < 1.5x
63.The Cranberries         < 1.5x
64.Meat Loaf         < 1.5x
65.The Monkees         < 1.5x
66.Lindsey Stirling         < 1.5x
67.The Pillows         < 1.5x
68.Peter Gabriel         < 1.5x
69.Heart         < 1.5x
70.Paul McCartney         < 1.5x
71.DragonForce         < 1.5x
72.The Police         < 1.5x
73.Lordi         < 1.5x
74.ZZ Top     < 1.5x
Alfred Matthew "Weird Al" Yankovic (born October 23, 1959) is an American singer-songwriter, musician, parodist, record producer, satirist, music video director, film producer, actor, and author. Yankovic is known for his humorous songs that make light of popular culture and often parody specific songs by contemporary musical acts. Since his first-aired comedy song in 1976, he has sold more than 12 million albums (as of 2007), recorded more than 150 parody and original songs, and has performed more than 1,000 live shows. His works have earned him three Grammy Awards among nine...... more