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1.Michelle Branch         16.2x
2.Mandy Moore         11.5x
3.Kelly Clarkson         5.2x
4.Colbie Caillat         4.9x
5.KT Tunstall         4.8x
6.Sara Bareilles         4.4x
7.Dido         4.4x
8.Alanis Morissette         4.3x
9.Rob Thomas         4.3x
10.Sarah McLachlan         4.1x
11.Lady Antebellum         3.9x
12.Enrique Iglesias         3.9x
13.Train         3.9x
14.Bryan Adams         3.9x
15.The Cranberries         3.7x
16.Gwen Stefani         3.6x
17.Natalie Imbruglia         3.5x
18.Avril Lavigne         3.5x
19.Natasha Bedingfield         3.3x
20.Faith Hill         3.0x
21.Pink         2.9x
22.Michael Bublé         2.8x
23.The Fray         2.7x
24.Sugarland         2.7x
25.Lifehouse         2.6x
26.Evanescence         2.6x
27.A Fine Frenzy         2.6x
28.No Doubt         2.6x
29.Whitney Houston         2.5x
30.Carrie Underwood         2.5x
31.Maroon 5         2.5x
32.Leona Lewis         2.4x
33.OneRepublic         2.4x
34.Jason Mraz         2.4x
35.Jewel         2.3x
36.Shakira         2.3x
37.Norah Jones         2.3x
38.Lily Allen         2.3x
39.Five for Fighting         2.3x
40.Christina Aguilera         2.2x
41.Ingrid Michaelson         2.1x
42.Savage Garden         2.1x
43.Matchbox Twenty         2.1x
44.Journey         2.0x
45.Kutless         2.0x
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47.Paramore         1.9x
48.t.A.T.u.         1.8x
49.Sheryl Crow         1.8x
50.Alicia Keys         1.8x
51.Imogen Heap         1.8x
52.Adele         1.7x
53.Third Eye Blind         1.7x
54.Goo Goo Dolls         1.7x
55.Nelly Furtado         1.6x
56.Enya         1.6x
57.Phil Collins         1.6x
58.Rihanna         1.6x
59.Frou Frou         1.6x
60.The Pussycat Dolls         1.5x
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62.Green Day         1.5x
63.Aaliyah         < 1.5x
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74.Josh Groban         < 1.5x
Vanessa Lee Carlton (born August 16, 1980) is an American singer-songwriter and musician. Upon completion of her education at the School of American Ballet, Carlton chose to pursue singing instead, performing in New York bars and clubs while attending university. Three months after recording a demo with producer Peter Zizzo, she signed with A&M Records. She began recording her album, which was initially unsuccessful until Ron Fair took over. Her debut single, "A Thousand Miles", reached the top five on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2002. Her debut album, Be Not... more