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Type O Negative

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1.Fear Factory         10.6x
2.Behemoth         10.6x
3.Wumpscut:         9.8x
4.Dark Funeral         7.9x
5.Obituary         7.5x
6.KMFDM         7.1x
7.Gojira         7.0x
8.Bloodbath         7.0x
9.Crowbar         6.7x
10.Carcass         6.6x
11.Pantera         6.5x
12.White Zombie         6.5x
13.Sepultura         6.5x
14.My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult         6.4x
15.Mike Patton         6.4x
16.Ministry         6.3x
17.Machine Head         6.2x
18.Mesh         6.1x
19.The Sisters of Mercy         6.0x
20.VNV Nation         5.9x
21.Corrosion of Conformity         5.8x
22.Coal Chamber         5.7x
23.Skinny Puppy         5.7x
24.Katatonia         5.6x
25.Testament         5.6x
26.Switchblade Symphony         5.5x
27.Prong         5.4x
28.London After Midnight         5.4x
29.Laibach         5.3x
30.Faith No More         5.3x
31.Meshuggah         5.1x
32.Assemblage 23         5.1x
33.Cathedral         5.1x
34.Eluveitie         5.0x
35.Entombed         5.0x
36.Immortal         4.9x
37.OhGr         4.8x
38.Front Line Assembly         4.8x
39.Suicidal Tendencies         4.8x
40.The Birthday Massacre         4.6x
41.Covenant         4.6x
42.Neurosis         4.6x
43.Alice in Chains         4.5x
44.Anthrax         4.5x
45.Dimmu Borgir         4.5x
46.Gwar         4.4x
47.Funker Vogt         4.3x
48.Devin Townsend         4.2x
49.Black Label Society         4.2x
50.Opeth         4.2x
51.Les Claypool         4.2x
52.In Flames         4.1x
53.Dead Can Dance         4.0x
54.My Dying Bride         4.0x
55.Dethklok         4.0x
56.Iced Earth         4.0x
57.Mastodon         3.9x
58.Moonspell         3.9x
59.At the Gates         3.9x
60.Nile         3.9x
61.Morbid Angel         3.8x
62.Blutengel         3.8x
63.Front 242         3.7x
64.Slayer         3.7x
65.Dio         3.7x
66.Emperor         3.6x
67.Pigface         3.6x
68.Alice Cooper         3.6x
69.Down         3.6x
70.Cradle of Filth         3.6x
71.Rammstein         3.5x
72.Razed in Black         3.5x
73.A Perfect Circle         3.5x
74.Henry Rollins         3.5x
75.Lords of Acid         3.4x
76.Megadeth         3.4x
77.Ozzy Osbourne         3.4x
78.Primus         3.4x
79.Static-X         3.4x
80.Dark Tranquillity         3.4x
81.Jesu         3.3x
82.Velvet Acid Christ         3.3x
83.Temple of the Dog         3.3x
84.Lacuna Coil         3.2x
85.Kittie         3.2x
86.Killswitch Engage         3.2x
87.Danzig         3.2x
88.Bauhaus         3.1x
89.The 69 Eyes         3.1x
90.Clutch         3.1x
91.Judas Priest         3.1x
92.Peter Murphy         3.1x
93.Overkill         3.1x
94.Deftones         3.1x
95.Mr. Bungle         3.1x
96.Rob Zombie         3.1x
97.Iron Maiden         3.0x
98.Otep         3.0x
99.The Crüxshadows         3.0x
100.Black Sabbath         3.0x
101.MDFMK         3.0x
102.Hanzel und Gretyl         2.9x
103.Revolting Cocks         2.9x
104.45 Grave         2.9x
105.Ulver         2.9x
106.Apocalyptica         2.9x
107.Foetus         2.9x
108.Death         2.9x
109.Depeche Mode         2.8x
110.Deicide         2.8x
111.Enslaved         2.8x
112.Soundgarden         2.7x
113.Pop Will Eat Itself         2.7x
114.Fields of the Nephilim         2.7x
115.Cannibal Corpse         2.7x
116.Murderdolls         2.7x
117.Siouxsie and the Banshees         2.7x
118.Stone Temple Pilots         2.6x
119.Amon Amarth         2.6x
120.Bolt Thrower         2.6x
121.Samhain         2.6x
122.Einstürzende Neubauten         2.6x
123.Skid Row         2.6x
124.Steve Vai         2.6x
125.The Cure         2.6x
126.Powerman 5000         2.6x
127.Mushroomhead         2.6x
128.Misfits         2.6x
129.DevilDriver         2.6x
130.Orgy         2.5x
131.Queensrÿche         2.5x
132.Bathory         2.5x
133.Neuroticfish         2.5x
134.Combichrist         2.5x
135.Wolfsheim         2.5x
136.Dope         2.5x
137.The Cult         2.4x
138.Suffocation         2.4x
139.Death Angel         2.4x
140.Five Finger Death Punch         2.4x
141.Lovage         2.4x
142.Mudvayne         2.4x
143.Suicide Commando         2.4x
144.Burzum         2.3x
145.Mötley Crüe         2.3x
146.Strapping Young Lad         2.3x
147.Dead Kennedys         2.3x
148.Inkubus Sukkubus         2.3x
149.Blind Guardian         2.3x
150.Melvins         2.3x
151.Faith and the Muse         2.2x
152.Motörhead         2.2x
153.Nine Inch Nails         2.2x
154.Soilwork         2.2x
155.Das Ich         2.2x
156.Tool         2.2x
157.Bad Religion         2.1x
158.Kyuss         2.1x
159.Dropkick Murphys         2.1x
160.Mercyful Fate         2.1x
161.Hatebreed         2.1x
162.Kreator         2.1x
163.Alien Sex Fiend         2.1x
164.Rasputina         2.1x
165.Dream Theater         2.1x
166.Deep Purple         2.0x
167.Manowar         2.0x
168.Massive Attack         2.0x
169.Puscifer         2.0x
170.Guns N' Roses         2.0x
171.Korpiklaani         2.0x
172.Cold         2.0x
173.Soulfly         1.9x
174.Lamb of God         1.9x
175.Emilie Autumn         1.9x
176.Apoptygma Berzerk         1.9x
177.Samael         1.9x
178.Pink Floyd       1.9x
179.Acid Bath         1.9x
180.Damageplan         1.9x
181.Stone Sour         1.9x
182.Venom         1.9x
183.Hypocrisy         1.9x
184.Love and Rockets         1.9x
185.Garbage         1.8x
186.King Diamond         1.8x
187.Cypress Hill         1.8x
188.Buckethead         1.8x
189.Godflesh         1.8x
190.Korn         1.8x
191.Monster Magnet         1.8x
192.Led Zeppelin         1.8x
193.Icon of Coil         1.7x
194.Ramones         1.7x
195.Nitzer Ebb         1.7x
196.Rage Against the Machine         1.7x
197.Minor Threat         1.7x
198.Sevendust         1.7x
199.Siouxsie Sioux         1.7x
200.Jimi Hendrix         1.7x
201.Blue Öyster Cult         1.6x
202.Enigma         1.6x
203.Killing Joke         1.6x
204.Within Temptation         1.6x
205.Anathema         1.6x
206.Agalloch         1.6x
207.Project Pitchfork         1.6x
208.Trent Reznor         1.6x
209.Filter         1.6x
210.Imperative Reaction         1.6x
211.Bloodhound Gang         1.6x
212.Alestorm         1.6x
213.Old Man's Child   1.6x
214.Placebo         1.5x
215.Pelican         1.5x
216.Napalm Death         1.5x
217.Decapitated         1.5x
218.Scorpions         1.5x
219.Billy Idol         1.5x
220.Finntroll         1.5x
221.Collective Soul         1.5x
222.Blind Melon         1.5x
223.Nick Cave         1.5x
224.Velvet Revolver         1.5x
225.Jack Off Jill         1.5x
226.ZZ Top     < 1.5x
227.Exodus         < 1.5x
228.The Doors       < 1.5x
229.The Smashing Pumpkins         < 1.5x
230.Van Halen         < 1.5x
231.Rancid         < 1.5x
232."Weird Al" Yankovic         < 1.5x
233.Sodom         < 1.5x
234.Celtic Frost         < 1.5x
235.Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds         < 1.5x
236.Cake         < 1.5x
237.Helmet         < 1.5x
238.Godsmack         < 1.5x
239.Slipknot         < 1.5x
240.Rollins Band         < 1.5x
241.Johnny Cash         < 1.5x
242.The Haunted         < 1.5x
243.Darude         < 1.5x
244.Queen         < 1.5x
245.Hocico         < 1.5x
246.David Bowie         < 1.5x
247.Nightwish         < 1.5x
248.Metallica         < 1.5x
249.Beastie Boys         < 1.5x
Type O Negative was a gothic metal band from Brooklyn, New York City. Their lyrical emphasis on themes of romance, depression, and death resulted in the nickname "The Drab Four" (in homage to The Beatles' "Fab Four" moniker). The band went Platinum with 1993's Bloody Kisses, and Gold with 1996's October Rust, and gained a fanbase through seven studio albums, two best-of compilations, and concert DVDs. On April 14, 2010, lead vocalist, bassist, and principal songwriter Peter Steele died, reportedly from heart failure. Members Kenny Hickey and Johnny Kelly stated... more