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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Pharrell Williams         12.6x
2.Aaliyah         9.9x
3.N.E.R.D         9.4x
4.Justin Timberlake         5.9x
5.Missy Elliott         5.8x
6.Sean Paul         4.7x
7.Alicia Keys         4.0x
8.Destiny's Child         4.0x
9.Jill Scott         3.9x
10.OneRepublic         3.8x
11.Ne-Yo         3.7x
12.Nelly Furtado         3.5x
13.Ludacris         3.5x
14.Ciara         3.4x
15.Gwen Stefani         3.4x
16.Outkast         3.4x
17.Akon         3.3x
18.Busta Rhymes         3.3x
19.Robin Thicke         3.3x
20.Boyz II Men         3.2x
21.Dr. Dre         3.2x
22.Beyoncé Knowles         3.2x
23.Pitbull         3.1x
24.Sade         3.1x
25.Erykah Badu         3.1x
26.Snoop Dogg         3.0x
27.Keri Hilson         2.9x
28.Flo Rida         2.9x
29.India.Arie         2.9x
30.Usher         2.9x
31.Rihanna         2.6x
32.Trey Songz         2.5x
33.Tupac Shakur         2.5x
34.Maxwell         2.5x
35.David Guetta         2.5x
36.Lupe Fiasco         2.3x
37.Natasha Bedingfield         2.3x
38.Shakira         2.3x
39.Rob Thomas         2.3x
40.Mariah Carey         2.2x
41.Fugees         2.2x
42.The Black Eyed Peas         2.2x
43.50 Cent         2.2x
44.Calvin Harris         2.2x
45.Maroon 5         2.1x
46.Jay-Z         2.1x
47.Lauryn Hill         2.1x
48.Common         2.0x
49.Method Man         2.0x
50.John Legend         2.0x
51.No Doubt         2.0x
52.Michael Jackson         2.0x
53.Drake         2.0x
54.T-Pain         1.9x
55.Kaskade         1.9x
56.Leona Lewis         1.9x
57.Tiësto         1.9x
58.Brian McKnight         1.9x
59.Mary J. Blige         1.9x
60.Kelly Clarkson         1.8x
61.Whitney Houston         1.8x
62.JoJo         1.8x
63.Ice Cube         1.8x
64.The Isley Brothers         1.7x
65.T.I.         1.7x
66.Christina Aguilera         1.7x
67.Stevie Wonder         1.7x
68.The Notorious B.I.G.         1.7x
69.DMX         1.7x
70.Luther Vandross         1.7x
71.Chris Brown         1.7x
72.Daft Punk         1.6x
73.3OH!3         1.6x
74.R. Kelly         1.6x
75.Janet Jackson         1.6x
76.Kanye West         1.6x
77.Kylie Minogue         1.5x
78.Pet Shop Boys         1.5x
79.Bone Thugs-n-Harmony         1.5x
80.Marvin Gaye         1.5x
81.Basement Jaxx         1.5x
82.Will Smith         1.5x
83.Pink         < 1.5x
84.Nelly         < 1.5x
85.LL Cool J         < 1.5x
86.Three 6 Mafia         < 1.5x
87.Gym Class Heroes         < 1.5x
88.Bruno Mars         < 1.5x
89.Al Green         < 1.5x
90.The Pussycat Dolls         < 1.5x
91.Fort Minor         < 1.5x
92.Jamiroquai         < 1.5x
93.Good Charlotte         < 1.5x
94.Prince         < 1.5x
95.The Fray         < 1.5x
96.Paul van Dyk         < 1.5x
Timothy Zachery Mosley (born March 10, 1972), better known by his stage name Timbaland, is an American record producer, songwriter and rapper. Timbaland's first full credit production work was in 1996 on Ginuwine...the Bachelor for R&B singer Ginuwine. After further work on Aaliyah's 1996 album One in a Million and Missy Elliott's 1997 album Supa Dupa Fly, Timbaland became a prominent producer for R&B and hip-hop artists. As a rapper he initially released several albums with fellow rapper Magoo, but later released his debut solo album Tim's Bio... more