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The White Stripes

are also most likely to dig...
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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.The Dead Weather         8.2x
2.The Raconteurs         5.3x
3.Jack White         4.8x
4.The Kills         4.5x
5.The Black Keys         4.3x
6.The Strokes         3.3x
7.Yeah Yeah Yeahs         2.8x
8.Cake         2.7x
9.Smith Westerns         2.7x
10.The Hives         2.6x
11.Them Crooked Vultures         2.6x
12.The Last Shadow Puppets         2.5x
13.Son House         2.5x
14.Dum Dum Girls         2.4x
15.Queens of the Stone Age         2.4x
16.Arctic Monkeys         2.4x
17.Modest Mouse         2.4x
18.Led Zeppelin         2.4x
19.Pixies         2.4x
20.Thom Yorke         2.4x
21.Eagles of Death Metal         2.3x
22.The Clash         2.3x
23.Beck         2.2x
24.Jimi Hendrix         2.2x
25.The Flaming Lips         2.2x
26.Gnarls Barkley         2.2x
27.Gogol Bordello         2.2x
28.Band of Skulls         2.2x
29.Weezer         2.2x
30.Spoon         2.1x
31.Johnny Cash         2.1x
32.Franz Ferdinand         2.1x
33.The Fratellis         2.1x
34.TV on the Radio         2.1x
35.Foals         2.1x
36.Kasabian         2.0x
37.Nirvana         2.0x
38.Interpol         2.0x
39.Cold War Kids         2.0x
40.Ramones         2.0x
41.Arcade Fire         2.0x
42.John Lennon         2.0x
43.Elliott Smith         2.0x
44.The Smiths         1.9x
45.The Kooks         1.9x
46.Rage Against the Machine         1.9x
47.Peaches         1.9x
48.The Smashing Pumpkins         1.9x
49.Radiohead         1.8x
50.Tame Impala         1.8x
51.Howlin' Wolf         1.8x
52.The Beatles         1.8x
53.Talking Heads         1.8x
54.Violent Femmes         1.8x
55.Portishead         1.8x
56.Silversun Pickups         1.8x
57.Ratatat         1.8x
58.Foo Fighters         1.8x
59.Chris Cornell         1.8x
60.My Morning Jacket         1.8x
61.The Rolling Stones         1.8x
62.The Doors       1.8x
63.The Dresden Dolls         1.7x
64.Babyshambles         1.7x
65.Soundgarden         1.7x
66.Air         1.7x
67.Clinic         1.7x
68.Les Claypool         1.7x
69.Portugal. The Man         1.7x
70.Jeff Buckley         1.7x
71.Death from Above 1979         1.7x
72.The Velvet Underground         1.7x
73.Gossip         1.7x
74.The Vines         1.7x
75.Sleigh Bells         1.7x
76.Bloc Party         1.7x
77.Fiona Apple         1.7x
78.Robert Johnson         1.7x
79.Muddy Waters         1.7x
80.Beastie Boys         1.7x
81.Grimes         1.7x
82.Regina Spektor         1.7x
83.Pink Floyd       1.6x
84.Joy Division         1.6x
85.Daft Punk         1.6x
86.Tom Waits         1.6x
87.Wilco         1.6x
88.The Breeders         1.6x
89.Red Hot Chili Peppers         1.6x
90.Deftones         1.6x
91.Yelle         1.6x
92.The Shins         1.6x
93.Girls         1.6x
94.The Kinks         1.6x
95.Atmosphere         1.6x
96.Metric         1.6x
97.Outkast         1.6x
98.The Ting Tings         1.6x
99.David Bowie         1.6x
100.Bikini Kill         1.6x
101.Blur         1.6x
102.Billie Holiday         1.6x
103.Zero 7         1.6x
104.The Cure         1.6x
105.Pearl Jam         1.6x
106.Buddy Guy         1.6x
107.Le Tigre         1.6x
108.Cage the Elephant         1.6x
109.T. Rex         1.6x
110.Jet         1.5x
111.Dr. Dog         1.5x
112.Feist         1.5x
113.Gorillaz         1.5x
114.The Mars Volta         1.5x
115.Cat Power         1.5x
116.Otis Redding         1.5x
117.Black Rebel Motorcycle Club         1.5x
118.Alice in Chains         1.5x
119.Tom Petty         1.5x
120.John Lee Hooker         1.5x
121.The xx         1.5x
122.Fleet Foxes         1.5x
123.Creedence Clearwater Revival         1.5x
124.The Rapture         1.5x
125.Neil Young         1.5x
126.Jane's Addiction         1.5x
127.A Tribe Called Quest         1.5x
128.Chuck Berry         1.5x
129.The Postal Service         1.5x
130.Nick Drake         1.5x
131.St. Vincent         1.5x
132.Santigold         < 1.5x
133.Kings of Leon         < 1.5x
134.Belle & Sebastian         < 1.5x
135.The Who         < 1.5x
136.Wolfmother         < 1.5x
137.B.B. King         < 1.5x
138.Queen         < 1.5x
139.PJ Harvey         < 1.5x
140.Dragonette         < 1.5x
141.The Black Angels         < 1.5x
142.Bright Eyes         < 1.5x
143.Temple of the Dog         < 1.5x
144.Parliament         < 1.5x
145.Placebo         < 1.5x
146.Fugazi         < 1.5x
147.Crystal Castles         < 1.5x
148.James Brown         < 1.5x
149.Jenny Lewis         < 1.5x
150.Miles Davis         < 1.5x
151.Mos Def         < 1.5x
152.Klaxons         < 1.5x
153.Wu-Tang Clan         < 1.5x
154.Brand New         < 1.5x
155.MGMT         < 1.5x
156.Neutral Milk Hotel         < 1.5x
157.The Brian Jonestown Massacre         < 1.5x
158.Dead Kennedys         < 1.5x
159.Bob Marley         < 1.5x
160.The Dandy Warhols         < 1.5x
161.George Harrison         < 1.5x
162.Lead Belly         < 1.5x
163.Stevie Ray Vaughan         < 1.5x
164.The Weeknd         < 1.5x
165.Against Me!         < 1.5x
166.Vampire Weekend         < 1.5x
167.Primus         < 1.5x
168.The Libertines         < 1.5x
169.Ween         < 1.5x
170.Iron & Wine         < 1.5x
171.Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds         < 1.5x
172.Sigur Rós         < 1.5x
173.Hot Hot Heat         < 1.5x
174.Tool         < 1.5x
175.Cream         < 1.5x
176.Nick Cave         < 1.5x
177.Frank Ocean         < 1.5x
178.Pulp         < 1.5x
179.Audioslave         < 1.5x
180.LCD Soundsystem         < 1.5x
181.Stevie Wonder         < 1.5x
182.Depeche Mode         < 1.5x
183.The Zombies         < 1.5x
184.Die Antwoord         < 1.5x
185.The Band         < 1.5x
186.Neko Case         < 1.5x
187.The Stooges         < 1.5x
188.DJ Shadow         < 1.5x
189.Stone Temple Pilots         < 1.5x
190.Muse         < 1.5x
191.The Chemical Brothers         < 1.5x
192.Eric Clapton         < 1.5x
193.The Verve         < 1.5x
194.The Sounds         < 1.5x
195.Funkadelic         < 1.5x
196.Phoenix         < 1.5x
197.Toadies         < 1.5x
198.Ray Charles         < 1.5x
199.Iggy Pop         < 1.5x
200.The Beach Boys         < 1.5x
201.Dirty Pretty Things         < 1.5x
202.Dan Auerbach         < 1.5x
203.The Walkmen         < 1.5x
204.Lykke Li         < 1.5x
205.The Bravery         < 1.5x
206.Eels         < 1.5x
207.The Jimi Hendrix Experience         < 1.5x
208.Black Francis         < 1.5x
209.Ty Segall         < 1.5x
The White Stripes were an American rock duo, formed in 1997 in Detroit, Michigan. The group consisted of drummer Meg White (drums and occasional vocals) and songwriter Jack White (vocals, guitar, bass and keyboards). Meg and Jack White were married to each other from 1996 to 2000. After releasing several singles and three albums within the Detroit music scene, the White Stripes rose to prominence in 2002, as part of the garage rock revival scene. Their successful and critically acclaimed albums White Blood Cells and Elephant drew them attention from a large variety of... more