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16.Death Cab for Cutie         1.8x
17.Ellie Goulding         1.7x
18.Imogen Heap         1.7x
19.Lana Del Rey         1.6x
20.Florence and the Machine         < 1.5x
The Hush Sound is an American indie rock band from Chicago, Illinois, United States. Initially named "The Hush," the band later changed its name to "The Hush Sound" due to the discovery of a rapper with the same name. The band consists of Bob Morris (vocals and guitar), Mike Leblanc (bass guitar and vocals), Darren Wilson (drums, percussion and vocals), and Greta Salpeter (vocals and piano). Chris Faller (bass guitar) left the band in October 2008 but returned in late 2012. In 2005, the band released their first studio album, So Sudden. Their second studio album, ... more