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The Bangles

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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Pat Benatar         > 20x
2.Stevie Nicks         19.2x
3.Cyndi Lauper         12.6x
4.Heart         10.9x
5.Eurythmics         7.5x
6.Rod Stewart         6.6x
7.Blondie         6.2x
8.The Carpenters         5.7x
9.ABBA         5.5x
10.The Moody Blues         5.2x
11.Phil Collins         5.2x
12.Dolly Parton         4.8x
13.Fleetwood Mac         4.6x
14.The Mamas & the Papas         4.6x
15.Shania Twain         4.0x
16.Journey         4.0x
17.Madonna         3.9x
18.Billy Joel         3.7x
19.Annie Lennox         3.6x
20.Enya         3.4x
21.The Cardigans         3.4x
22.John Lennon         3.3x
23.Queen         2.7x
24.Alison Krauss         2.7x
25.Simple Minds         2.6x
26.Eagles         2.6x
27.REO Speedwagon         2.5x
28.Bee Gees         2.5x
29.The Cars         2.4x
30.Cher         2.4x
31.Hooverphonic         2.4x
32.Tom Petty         2.3x
33.Styx         2.3x
34."Weird Al" Yankovic         2.3x
35.Billy Idol         2.3x
36.Ace of Base         2.3x
37.Tears for Fears         2.2x
38.Enigma         2.2x
39.Pink         2.0x
40.INXS         2.0x
41.Reba McEntire         2.0x
42.The Cranberries         2.0x
43.A-ha         1.9x
44.Pet Shop Boys         1.9x
45.Elton John         1.9x
46.U2         1.8x
47.Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers         1.7x
48.The Supremes         1.7x
49.Meat Loaf         1.7x
50.Whitney Houston         1.7x
51.Kylie Minogue         1.7x
52.Jewel         1.6x
53.AC/DC         1.5x
54.Pink Floyd       1.5x
55.Genesis         1.5x
56.Simon & Garfunkel         1.5x
57.Garth Brooks         1.5x
58.Garbage         1.5x
59.Alanis Morissette         1.5x
60.Foreigner         < 1.5x
61.ZZ Top     < 1.5x
62.Bad Religion         < 1.5x
63.The Police         < 1.5x
The Bangles are an American all-female band that originated in the early 1980s, scoring several hit singles during the decade. The bands hits include "Walk Like an Egyptian", "Manic Monday", "Hazy Shade of Winter", and the 1989 number-one single "Eternal Flame". more