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The Academy Is...

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1.Mayday Parade         > 20x
2.We the Kings         > 20x
3.Motion City Soundtrack         17.8x
4.Anberlin         16.4x
5.All Time Low         15.3x
6.Forever the Sickest Kids         14.9x
7.Cute Is What We Aim For         13.4x
8.The Hush Sound         13.2x
9.Cobra Starship         13.1x
10.Cartel         13.1x
11.Bayside         13.0x
12.The Maine         12.2x
13.The Starting Line         12.0x
14.I Set My Friends on Fire         11.9x
15.Box Car Racer         9.9x
16.Say Anything         9.5x
17.Senses Fail         8.5x
18.Jack's Mannequin         8.3x
19.Hellogoodbye         8.2x
20.Scary Kids Scaring Kids         8.1x
21.Panic! at the Disco         8.1x
22.Gym Class Heroes         8.1x
23.Boys Like Girls         7.8x
24.Brand New         7.5x
25.The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus         7.3x
26.Saosin         7.1x
27.The Used         6.9x
28.The Spill Canvas         6.8x
29.Saves the Day         6.6x
30.Secondhand Serenade         6.6x
31.Silverstein         6.5x
32.The Cab         6.5x
33.Head Automatica         6.2x
34.Yellowcard         5.6x
35.Finch         5.2x
36.New Found Glory         5.2x
37.Story of the Year         5.2x
38.Hawthorne Heights         5.1x
39.Plain White T's         5.0x
40.Blink-182         4.7x
41.Fall Out Boy         4.6x
42.Jimmy Eat World         4.6x
43.Something Corporate         4.6x
44.Taking Back Sunday         4.6x
45.Mae         4.5x
46.Escape the Fate         4.4x
47.Aiden         4.4x
48.Sugarcult         4.4x
49.Relient K         4.4x
50.AFI         4.4x
51.Bowling for Soup         4.4x
52.Paramore         4.1x
53.Rise Against         4.0x
54.3OH!3         3.7x
55.Every Avenue         3.7x
56.A Day to Remember         3.6x
57.The Ataris         3.6x
58.Dashboard Confessional         3.6x
59.Third Eye Blind         3.5x
60.30 Seconds to Mars         3.4x
61.Thrice         3.3x
62.Lostprophets         3.0x
63.My Chemical Romance         3.0x
64.The Early November         2.9x
65.The Audition         2.9x
66.The All-American Rejects         2.7x
67.Billy Talent         2.6x
68.Angels & Airwaves         2.6x
69.Reggie and the Full Effect         2.2x
70.Sum 41         2.1x
71.The Killers         2.1x
72.Maroon 5         1.8x
73.Good Charlotte         1.7x
74.Matchbox Twenty         1.7x
75.Simple Plan         1.6x
76.Thursday         1.5x
77.Death Cab for Cutie         1.5x
78.Ludo         < 1.5x
79.Switchfoot         < 1.5x
80.The Get Up Kids         < 1.5x
81.Breathe Carolina         < 1.5x
82.City and Colour         < 1.5x
83.Avenged Sevenfold         < 1.5x
84.Never Shout Never         < 1.5x
The Academy Is... was an American rock band from Chicago, Illinois, formed in 2003. Before disbanding, they were signed by the Decaydance imprint of the Fueled by Ramen label. They were originally known as "The Academy", but added the "Is..." in 2004 to avoid legal complications with other established bands already under that name. The band released three studio albums, Almost Here, Santi, and Fast Times at Barrington High, and four EPs. The band announced its break-up on 8 October 2011. more