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Temple of the Dog

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1.Chris Cornell         > 20x
2.Jerry Cantrell         > 20x
3.Mother Love Bone         > 20x
4.Soundgarden         14.7x
5.Alice in Chains         14.0x
6.Stone Temple Pilots         10.7x
7.Mad Season         10.7x
8.Pearl Jam         8.4x
9.Mike Patton         7.7x
10.Them Crooked Vultures         7.5x
11.Audioslave         7.4x
12.Mark Lanegan         6.8x
13.Faith No More         6.7x
14.Toadies         6.0x
15.A Perfect Circle         5.9x
16.Queens of the Stone Age         5.5x
17.Screaming Trees         5.5x
18.Puscifer         4.9x
19.Blind Melon         4.9x
20.Candlebox         4.8x
21.White Zombie         4.4x
22.Tool         4.3x
23.Rage Against the Machine         4.2x
24.Led Zeppelin         3.9x
25.Deftones         3.8x
26.Kyuss         3.7x
27.Velvet Revolver         3.6x
28.Type O Negative         3.3x
29.Foo Fighters         3.3x
30.Mr. Bungle         3.2x
31.Filter         3.2x
32.Days of the New         3.1x
33.Monster Magnet         3.1x
34.Jimi Hendrix         3.1x
35.Stone Sour         2.9x
36.The Doors       2.9x
37.Nirvana         2.8x
38.Pantera         2.8x
39.Red Hot Chili Peppers         2.7x
40.The Smashing Pumpkins         2.7x
41.Cold         2.7x
42.Sepultura         2.6x
43.Collective Soul         2.6x
44.Misfits         2.5x
45.Black Sabbath         2.5x
46.Primus         2.4x
47.Nine Inch Nails         2.2x
48.Jeff Buckley         2.2x
49.Jane's Addiction         2.1x
50.Clutch         2.1x
51.Stevie Ray Vaughan         2.1x
52.Queen         2.1x
53.Beastie Boys         2.0x
54.Bush         2.0x
55.Rob Zombie         2.0x
56.Creedence Clearwater Revival         2.0x
57.Pink Floyd       1.9x
58.AC/DC         1.9x
59.Gwar         1.9x
60.Portishead         1.8x
61.Sublime         1.8x
62.Morbid Angel         1.8x
63.Silverchair         1.8x
64.Incubus         1.7x
65.Bad Religion         1.7x
66.Depeche Mode         1.7x
67.The White Stripes         1.7x
68.Santana         1.7x
69.Tom Petty         1.6x
70.B.B. King         1.6x
71.Cypress Hill         1.6x
72.Mudvayne         1.6x
73.Suicidal Tendencies         1.6x
74.Van Halen         1.6x
75.Mötley Crüe         1.6x
76.Ozzy Osbourne         1.6x
77.Sevendust         1.6x
78.Five Finger Death Punch         1.5x
79.Shinedown         1.5x
80.Killswitch Engage         1.5x
81.Live         1.5x
82.Rammstein         1.5x
83.Ramones         1.5x
84.Marcy Playground         1.5x
85.Iron Maiden         1.5x
86.The Black Crowes         1.5x
87.Guns N' Roses         1.5x
88.Eric Clapton         1.5x
89.Cream         < 1.5x
90.Whitesnake         < 1.5x
91.Ministry         < 1.5x
92.Overkill         < 1.5x
93.Tori Amos         < 1.5x
94.Powerman 5000         < 1.5x
95.John Lennon         < 1.5x
96.Dead Kennedys         < 1.5x
97.Dio         < 1.5x
98.The Who         < 1.5x
99.Judas Priest         < 1.5x
100.Massive Attack         < 1.5x
101.The Breeders         < 1.5x
102.Fear Factory         < 1.5x
103.The Birthday Massacre         < 1.5x
104.Motörhead         < 1.5x
105.Jack White         < 1.5x
106.Radiohead         < 1.5x
107.Anthrax         < 1.5x
108.Rancid         < 1.5x
109.Megadeth         < 1.5x
110.PJ Harvey         < 1.5x
111.Flyleaf         < 1.5x
112.Chevelle         < 1.5x
113.Tomahawk         < 1.5x
114.Rush         < 1.5x
115.The Jimi Hendrix Experience         < 1.5x
Temple of the Dog was an American rock band that formed in Seattle, Washington in 1990. It was conceived by vocalist Chris Cornell of Soundgarden as a tribute to his friend, the late Andrew Wood, lead singer of Malfunkshun and Mother Love Bone. The line-up included Stone Gossard on rhythm guitar, Jeff Ament on bass guitar (both ex-members of Mother Love Bone), Mike McCready on lead guitar, Matt Cameron on drums, and Eddie Vedder providing some lead and backing vocals. The band released its only album, the self-titled Temple of the Dog, in April 1991 through A&M... more