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1.Digable Planets         15.0x
2.Gang Starr         10.6x
3.Wu-Tang Clan         10.5x
4.De La Soul         10.4x
5.Mos Def         7.8x
6.A Tribe Called Quest         6.6x
7.Outkast         6.0x
8.Parliament         5.2x
9.James Brown         4.4x
10.Marvin Gaye         4.2x
11.Otis Redding         3.6x
12.John Legend         3.3x
13.Curtis Mayfield         3.1x
14.Run–D.M.C.         3.0x
15.Beastie Boys         2.8x
16.N.W.A         2.6x
17.The Notorious B.I.G.         2.6x
18.Pixies         2.6x
19.Prince         2.3x
20.The Jackson 5         2.2x
21.Lauryn Hill         2.2x
22.Weezer         2.0x
23.Digital Underground         2.0x
24.Ghostface Killah         1.8x
25.Jimi Hendrix         1.7x
26.Billie Holiday         1.6x
27.Louis Armstrong         1.5x
28.Queen         1.5x
Richard Walters (born 14 January 1965), better known by his stage name Slick Rick, is a Grammy-nominated English rapper. He has also been known as Rick the Ruler and Ricky Dee. He began his career in late 1983, in the hip hop genre, where he recorded a series of acclaimed recordings such as "La Di Da Di" and "Children's Story". He is known for the use of narrative in his raps and has been called "hip hop's greatest storyteller." Slick Rick rose to stardom in an era known to fans as the Golden age of hip hop. His music has been frequently sampled and...... more