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Set Your Goals

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1.Four Year Strong         > 20x
2.Defeater         > 20x
3.Bring Me the Horizon         > 20x
4.Asking Alexandria         > 20x
5.Brand New         > 20x
6.Comeback Kid         19.8x
7.Bayside         19.7x
8.Underoath         19.2x
9.Glassjaw         17.5x
10.New Found Glory         16.9x
11.Senses Fail         14.5x
12.Thrice         13.6x
13.Taking Back Sunday         10.2x
14.Alexisonfire         9.8x
15.Saosin         8.8x
16.Rise Against         8.4x
17.Say Anything         7.6x
18.Every Time I Die         7.0x
19.Protest the Hero         5.7x
20.Streetlight Manifesto         5.1x
21.Thursday         4.5x
22.Circa Survive         4.1x
23.Blink-182         3.7x
24.Jimmy Eat World         3.4x
25.Yellowcard         3.0x
26.Alkaline Trio         2.8x
27.Reel Big Fish         2.8x
28.Fall Out Boy         1.8x
Set Your Goals is a pop punk band from the San Francisco Bay Area, formed in 2004. Their musical style typically employs a combination of pop punk and melodic hardcore. Their band name is derived from the CIV album of the same name. The band consists of vocalists Jordan Brown and Matt Wilson, guitarists Audelio Flores Jr and Daniel Coddaire and bassist Joe Saucedo. more