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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Bonobo         16.3x
2.Deltron 3030         14.2x
3.Wax Tailor         11.0x
4.DJ Shadow         10.4x
5.Del the Funky Homosapien         9.3x
6.Handsome Boy Modeling School         9.2x
7.Madlib         9.2x
8.Madvillain         9.0x
9.Tosca         9.0x
10.The Cinematic Orchestra         8.9x
11.MF Doom         8.7x
12.Aesop Rock         8.7x
13.Murs         8.3x
14.People Under the Stairs         8.0x
15.Atmosphere         7.9x
16.Brother Ali         7.8x
17.Nujabes       7.6x
18.Ratatat         7.5x
19.El-P         7.3x
20.Pretty Lights         7.1x
21.Amon Tobin         7.0x
22.The Pharcyde         6.7x
23.Thievery Corporation         6.1x
24.Flying Lotus         6.0x
25.Black Star         5.7x
26.Dilated Peoples         5.6x
27.DJ Krush         5.6x
28.Slum Village         5.5x
29.Zero 7         5.4x
30.The Glitch Mob         5.4x
31.The Coup         5.0x
32.A Tribe Called Quest         4.9x
33.KRS-One         4.7x
34.Röyksopp         4.7x
35.Jurassic 5         4.5x
36.Unkle         4.5x
37.Talib Kweli         4.4x
38.Air         4.4x
39.Quasimoto         4.3x
40.Ronald Jenkees         4.3x
41.Blockhead         4.3x
42.Danger Doom       4.1x
43.Beats Antique         4.1x
44.J Dilla         4.1x
45.Massive Attack         4.1x
46.Sage Francis         4.0x
47.Daedelus         4.0x
48.Trentemøller         4.0x
49.De La Soul         3.9x
50.The Avalanches         3.9x
51.Mos Def         3.7x
52.The Roots         3.7x
53.Kid Koala         3.6x
54.Mr. Scruff         3.6x
55.Boards of Canada         3.5x
56.Parov Stelar         3.5x
57.Groove Armada         3.4x
58.Living Legends         3.4x
59.Rza         3.4x
60.Kruder & Dorfmeister         3.4x
61.Burial         3.4x
62.Rakim         3.3x
63.Shpongle         3.3x
64.Common         3.2x
65.Wu-Tang Clan         3.2x
66.Gza         3.1x
67.Portishead         3.1x
68.Hieroglyphics         3.1x
69.Justice         2.8x
70.Mouse on Mars         2.7x
71.Cut Chemist         2.6x
72.Sneaker Pimps         2.5x
73.Daft Punk         2.5x
74.Danger Mouse     2.5x
75.Caribou         2.4x
76.Simian Mobile Disco         2.4x
77.Squarepusher         2.4x
78.Erykah Badu         2.4x
79.Miike Snow         2.4x
80.Gang Starr         2.3x
81.M83         2.3x
82.The Chemical Brothers         2.2x
83.Aphex Twin         2.2x
84.Chromeo         2.2x
85.Gnarls Barkley         2.1x
86.Four Tet         2.1x
87.Eric B. & Rakim         2.1x
88.Scott Herren   2.1x
89.Lemon Jelly         2.0x
90.Morcheeba         2.0x
91.Pharoahe Monch         1.9x
92.Autechre         1.9x
93.Mr. Lif         1.9x
94.Crystal Castles         1.9x
95.Cake         1.8x
96.Plaid         1.8x
97.Mogwai         1.8x
98.Bibio         1.8x
99.Thom Yorke         1.8x
100.Blackalicious         1.8x
101.Gorillaz         1.8x
102.Macklemore         1.7x
103.Thelonious Monk         1.7x
104.The xx         1.7x
105.Immortal Technique         1.7x
106.Tricky         1.7x
107.Télépopmusik         1.7x
108.Deadmau5         1.7x
109.Outkast         1.6x
110.Beastie Boys         1.6x
111.Rusko         1.6x
112.Miles Davis         1.6x
113.Run–D.M.C.         1.6x
114.Bob Marley         1.6x
115.Orbital         1.6x
116.John Coltrane         1.6x
117.The Black Keys         1.5x
118.LCD Soundsystem         1.5x
119.Radiohead         1.5x
120.Marvin Gaye         1.5x
121.Skream         1.5x
122.Beck         < 1.5x
123.Apparat         < 1.5x
124.Diplo         < 1.5x
125.Hot Chip         < 1.5x
126.Phantogram         < 1.5x
127.Yoko Kanno         < 1.5x
128.The Crystal Method         < 1.5x
129.The Prodigy         < 1.5x
130.The Isley Brothers         < 1.5x
131.Cut Copy         < 1.5x
132.Grizzly Bear         < 1.5x
133.James Brown         < 1.5x
134.Al Green         < 1.5x
135.Jedi Mind Tricks         < 1.5x
136.Gogol Bordello         < 1.5x
137.Led Zeppelin         < 1.5x
Rjd2 (born Ramble John "RJ" Krohn; 27 May 1976) is an American music producer and musician. Rjd2 was born in Eugene, Oregon and raised in Columbus, Ohio. He currently resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was signed to the Definitive Jux label where he released two largely instrumental hip-hop albums and has produced tracks for many prominent rappers. However, he has now left Definitive Jux and has signed with XL Recordings. His 2007 album, The Third Hand, is a striking departure from his usual style and features Rjd2 singing and playing instruments on nearly every... more