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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Skillet   > 20x
2.Thousand Foot Krutch         14.2x
3.Breaking Benjamin         9.1x
4.Flyleaf         8.8x
5.Pillar         8.3x
6.Kutless         8.1x
7.TobyMac         7.6x
8.Anberlin         6.9x
9.Rise Against         6.9x
10.Three Days Grace         6.5x
11.Fireflight         6.2x
12.Evans Blue         6.1x
13.Sick Puppies         6.0x
14.Casting Crowns         6.0x
15.Chevelle         5.1x
16.12 Stones         4.5x
17.10 Years         4.3x
18.Bullet for My Valentine         4.3x
19.Shinedown         4.3x
20.The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus         3.8x
21.Relient K         3.8x
22.Third Day         3.2x
23.Switchfoot         3.2x
24.Cold         2.6x
25.Apocalyptica         2.6x
26.Within Temptation         2.5x
27.Evanescence         2.4x
28.Boys Like Girls         2.1x
29.Lifehouse         2.1x
30.30 Seconds to Mars         2.0x
31.Theory of a Deadman         1.9x
32.Hoobastank         1.9x
33.DC Talk         1.9x
34.Staind         1.8x
35.Paramore         1.8x
36.The Used         1.7x
37.Angels & Airwaves         1.6x
38.Trapt         1.6x
39.Hollywood Undead         1.6x
40.Stone Sour         1.5x
41.Five Finger Death Punch         1.5x
42.The Fray         < 1.5x
43.Creed         < 1.5x
44.Avenged Sevenfold         < 1.5x
45.Atreyu         < 1.5x
46.Underoath         < 1.5x
47.Yellowcard         < 1.5x
48.Seether         < 1.5x
Red (also stylized R3D) is an American rock band from Nashville, Tennessee, formed in 2004. The band's lineup consists of singer Michael Barnes, guitarist Anthony Armstrong, bassist Randy Armstrong and drummer Joe Rickard. They are known for their Christian rock music which incorporates other sounds such as alternative rock, alternative metal, hard rock, heavy metal and post-grunge. Jasen Rauch and Andrew Hendrix were the rhythm guitarist and drummer, respectively, at the time of the band's formation. Hendrix was replaced by Hayden Lamb in 2006, who was then replaced by... more