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Rage Against the Machine

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1.Mike Patton         3.7x
2.Jerry Cantrell         3.6x
3.Alice in Chains         3.5x
4.Soundgarden         3.5x
5.Deftones         3.4x
6.A Perfect Circle         3.3x
7.Temple of the Dog         3.3x
8.Chris Cornell         3.3x
9.Queens of the Stone Age         3.2x
10.Brother Ali         3.0x
11.Pantera         3.0x
12.Tool         2.9x
13.Atmosphere         2.8x
14.Pearl Jam         2.8x
15.Audioslave         2.8x
16.White Zombie         2.8x
17.Jimi Hendrix         2.8x
18.Rise Against         2.7x
19.Faith No More         2.5x
20.Stone Temple Pilots         2.5x
21.Red Hot Chili Peppers         2.5x
22.Clutch         2.5x
23.Les Claypool         2.5x
24.Foo Fighters         2.4x
25.The Prodigy         2.4x
26.Cypress Hill         2.4x
27.Beastie Boys         2.4x
28.Led Zeppelin         2.3x
29.The Smashing Pumpkins         2.3x
30.Ol' Dirty Bastard         2.3x
31.Dog Fashion Disco         2.3x
32.Killswitch Engage         2.3x
33.Aesop Rock         2.3x
34.Rancid         2.2x
35.Serj Tankian         2.2x
36.Wu-Tang Clan         2.2x
37.Run–D.M.C.         2.2x
38.Maynard James Keenan   2.2x
39.Nirvana         2.2x
40.Primus         2.2x
41.The Mars Volta         2.2x
42.Puscifer         2.1x
43.Living Legends         2.1x
44.Outkast         2.1x
45.Murs         2.1x
46.Them Crooked Vultures         2.1x
47.Cake         2.1x
48.Jedi Mind Tricks         2.1x
49.Bad Religion         2.1x
50.Jane's Addiction         2.1x
51.Eyedea & Abilities         2.0x
52.Sublime         2.0x
53.Tom Morello         2.0x
54.Refused         2.0x
55.Dropkick Murphys         2.0x
56.Bob Marley         1.9x
57.N.W.A         1.9x
58.DJ Shadow         1.9x
59.Dethklok         1.9x
60.Pink Floyd       1.9x
61.Deltron 3030         1.9x
62.NOFX         1.9x
63.Powerman 5000         1.9x
64.Mos Def         1.9x
65.KRS-One         1.9x
66.Black Star         1.8x
67.The Roots         1.8x
68.Nine Inch Nails         1.8x
69.Immortal Technique         1.8x
70.Mr. Bungle         1.8x
71.Daft Punk         1.8x
72.Del the Funky Homosapien         1.8x
73.Talib Kweli         1.8x
74.The White Stripes         1.8x
75.Mastodon         1.8x
76.Underworld         1.8x
77.The Crystal Method         1.8x
78.Massive Attack         1.8x
79.Weezer         1.8x
80.The Black Keys         1.8x
81.Korn         1.8x
82.Black Sabbath         1.8x
83.Hed PE         1.7x
84.The Doors       1.7x
85.Atari Teenage Riot         1.7x
86.Stevie Ray Vaughan         1.7x
87.The Chemical Brothers         1.7x
88.A Tribe Called Quest         1.7x
89.Rammstein         1.7x
90.Reel Big Fish         1.7x
91.Henry Rollins         1.7x
92.Mudvayne         1.7x
93.Chevelle         1.7x
94.Thievery Corporation         1.7x
95.KMFDM         1.7x
96.Slum Village         1.6x
97.311         1.6x
98.Stone Sour         1.6x
99.Sevendust         1.6x
100.Rob Zombie         1.6x
101.Machine Head         1.6x
102.Johnny Cash         1.6x
103.James Brown         1.6x
104.Anti-Flag         1.6x
105.Sleepytime Gorilla Museum         1.6x
106.Slayer         1.6x
107.AC/DC         1.6x
108.Static-X         1.6x
109.Creedence Clearwater Revival         1.6x
110.The Pharcyde         1.6x
111.Method Man         1.6x
112.Gorillaz         1.6x
113.Dead Kennedys         1.6x
114.Groove Armada         1.6x
115.Gnarls Barkley         1.6x
116.Velvet Revolver         1.6x
117.AFI         1.5x
118.Pennywise         1.5x
119.Common         1.5x
120.Incubus         1.5x
121.Portishead         1.5x
122.Rush         1.5x
123.The Coup         1.5x
124.Guns N' Roses         1.5x
125.Flogging Molly         1.5x
126.Sage Francis         1.5x
127.Apocalyptica         1.5x
128.Sepultura         1.5x
129.Rza         1.5x
130.Ministry         1.5x
131.Kittie         1.5x
132.Ramones         1.5x
133.The Clash         1.5x
134.Five Finger Death Punch         < 1.5x
135.Queen         < 1.5x
136.Hieroglyphics         < 1.5x
137.Marvin Gaye         < 1.5x
138.Suicidal Tendencies         < 1.5x
139.Lords of Acid         < 1.5x
140.Iron Maiden         < 1.5x
141.Gang Starr         < 1.5x
142.Fear Factory         < 1.5x
143.Type O Negative         < 1.5x
144.Third Eye Blind         < 1.5x
145.Santana         < 1.5x
146.Trent Reznor         < 1.5x
147.Misfits         < 1.5x
148.Jurassic 5         < 1.5x
149.Anthrax         < 1.5x
150.Goldfinger         < 1.5x
151.Fugazi         < 1.5x
152.Toadies         < 1.5x
153.Infected Mushroom         < 1.5x
154.Bloodhound Gang         < 1.5x
155.Bonobo         < 1.5x
156.All That Remains         < 1.5x
157.Radiohead         < 1.5x
158.Depeche Mode         < 1.5x
159.Zero 7         < 1.5x
160.MF Doom         < 1.5x
161.Saul Williams         < 1.5x
162.Wolfmother         < 1.5x
163.De La Soul         < 1.5x
164.Blind Melon         < 1.5x
165.B.B. King         < 1.5x
166.Dr. Dre         < 1.5x
167.Placebo         < 1.5x
168.Alice Cooper         < 1.5x
169.Ozzy Osbourne         < 1.5x
170.Pendulum         < 1.5x
171.Veruca Salt         < 1.5x
172.The Mighty Mighty Bosstones         < 1.5x
173.The Who         < 1.5x
174.Flyleaf         < 1.5x
175.Garbage         < 1.5x
176.Staind         < 1.5x
177.Filter         < 1.5x
178.The Jimi Hendrix Experience         < 1.5x
179.System of a Down         < 1.5x
180.Pixies         < 1.5x
181.Joe Satriani         < 1.5x
182.Miles Davis         < 1.5x
183.Otep         < 1.5x
184.Flobots         < 1.5x
185.Beck         < 1.5x
186.Rakim         < 1.5x
Rage Against the Machine, also known as RATM, is an American rap metal band from Los Angeles, California. Formed in 1991, the group consists of rapper/vocalist Zack de la Rocha, bassist and backing vocalist Tim Commerford, guitarist Tom Morello and drummer Brad Wilk. They draw inspiration from early heavy metal instrumentation, as well as rap acts such as Afrika Bambaataa, Public Enemy, the Beastie Boys and Dutch crossover band Urban Dance Squad. Rage Against the Machine is best known for its leftist political views, which are expressed in many of its songs. As of 2010, they... more