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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Voltaire         5.1x
2.IAMX         5.0x
3.The Dresden Dolls         4.9x
4.Sneaker Pimps         4.7x
5.VNV Nation         4.5x
6.Celldweller         4.4x
7.Depeche Mode         4.3x
8.Massive Attack         4.1x
9.Editors         4.1x
10.Underworld         3.8x
11.Ladytron         3.5x
12.Garbage         3.3x
13.Kasabian         3.2x
14.Apoptygma Berzerk         3.1x
15.Puscifer         3.1x
16.Fischerspooner         3.1x
17.A Perfect Circle         3.0x
18.Unkle         3.0x
19.Trent Reznor         3.0x
20.Röyksopp         2.9x
21.Bloc Party         2.9x
22.Zero 7         2.9x
23.Iris         2.7x
24.Portishead         2.7x
25.Rasputina         2.7x
26.Pulp         2.7x
27.Goldfrapp         2.7x
28.Orgy         2.6x
29.Pet Shop Boys         2.6x
30.She Wants Revenge         2.6x
31.Imogen Heap         2.6x
32.Deftones         2.6x
33.Air         2.6x
34.Le Tigre         2.6x
35.Crystal Castles         2.5x
36.Maynard James Keenan   2.5x
37.The Cure         2.5x
38.Thom Yorke         2.5x
39.Hooverphonic         2.5x
40.Patrick Wolf         2.5x
41.The Cranberries         2.5x
42.The Verve         2.4x
43.The Sisters of Mercy         2.4x
44.Frou Frou         2.4x
45.PJ Harvey         2.4x
46.Nouvelle Vague         2.4x
47.Björk         2.4x
48.Siouxsie and the Banshees         2.4x
49.Interpol         2.4x
50.The Smiths         2.3x
51.The Cardigans         2.3x
52.Fiona Apple         2.3x
53.Gossip         2.3x
54.Metric         2.3x
55.Tori Amos         2.2x
56.Snow Patrol         2.2x
57.Silversun Pickups         2.2x
58.Nine Inch Nails         2.2x
59.The Faint         2.2x
60.Manic Street Preachers         2.2x
61.Morcheeba         2.1x
62.Kidneythieves         2.1x
63.Blue October         2.1x
64.Peter Murphy         2.1x
65.Apocalyptica         2.1x
66.Jeff Buckley         2.1x
67.Yeah Yeah Yeahs         2.1x
68.The Smashing Pumpkins         2.1x
69.Daft Punk         2.1x
70.The Knife         2.1x
71.Muse         2.1x
72.Assemblage 23         2.0x
73.Radiohead         2.0x
74.Joy Division         2.0x
75.Wumpscut:         2.0x
76.Peaches         1.9x
77.Lamb         1.9x
78.Suede         1.9x
79.Sigur Rós         1.9x
80.Faithless         1.9x
81.Thievery Corporation         1.9x
82.Dead Can Dance         1.9x
83.Arctic Monkeys         1.9x
84.Lykke Li         1.9x
85.Empire of the Sun         1.9x
86.The Raveonettes         1.9x
87.Blur         1.9x
88.Florence and the Machine         1.9x
89.Veruca Salt         1.8x
90.Cake         1.8x
91.Bat for Lashes         1.8x
92.Pendulum         1.8x
93.The Killers         1.8x
94.Jack Off Jill         1.8x
95.65daysofstatic         1.8x
96.Mazzy Star         1.8x
97.Nirvana         1.8x
98.Emilie Autumn         1.8x
99.Scissor Sisters         1.8x
100.Tears for Fears         1.8x
101.Foo Fighters         1.8x
102.Tool         1.7x
103.The Postal Service         1.7x
104.David Bowie         1.7x
105.Shiny Toy Guns         1.7x
106.Queen         1.7x
107.José González         1.7x
108.Kaiser Chiefs         1.7x
109.New Order         1.7x
110.The Birthday Massacre         1.7x
111.The Dandy Warhols         1.7x
112.The Ting Tings         1.6x
113.Skinny Puppy         1.6x
114.Oomph!         1.6x
115.Franz Ferdinand         1.6x
116.Bauhaus         1.6x
117.Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds         1.6x
118.Stereophonics         1.6x
119.Bright Eyes         1.6x
120.Black Rebel Motorcycle Club         1.6x
121.Refused         1.6x
122.The Rapture         1.6x
123.Blondie         1.6x
124.Mindless Self Indulgence         1.5x
125.The Prodigy         1.5x
126.Alice in Chains         1.5x
127.Echo & the Bunnymen         1.5x
128.James         1.5x
129.Regina Spektor         1.5x
130.Bad Religion         1.5x
131.Neuroticfish         1.5x
132.Sia Furler     1.5x
133.Pearl Jam         1.5x
134.Mogwai         1.5x
135.Enigma         1.5x
136.Pixies         1.5x
137.The Libertines         1.5x
138.Oasis         < 1.5x
139.Rammstein         < 1.5x
140.Miss Kittin         < 1.5x
141.The Doors       < 1.5x
142.Johnny Cash         < 1.5x
143.La Roux         < 1.5x
144.Babes in Toyland         < 1.5x
145.M83         < 1.5x
146.Annie Lennox         < 1.5x
147.AFI         < 1.5x
148.The xx         < 1.5x
149.Damien Rice         < 1.5x
150.The Strokes         < 1.5x
151.Queens of the Stone Age         < 1.5x
152.Hole         < 1.5x
153.R.E.M.         < 1.5x
154.Gogol Bordello         < 1.5x
155.Mother Mother       < 1.5x
156.The Mars Volta         < 1.5x
157.Death from Above 1979         < 1.5x
158.Billy Talent         < 1.5x
159.Nick Cave         < 1.5x
160.The Clash         < 1.5x
161.Freezepop         < 1.5x
162.The Chemical Brothers         < 1.5x
163.Pink Floyd       < 1.5x
164.The Glitch Mob         < 1.5x
165.Jem         < 1.5x
166.Groove Armada         < 1.5x
167.Combichrist         < 1.5x
168.Flobots         < 1.5x
169.The Weeknd         < 1.5x
170.Amanda Palmer         < 1.5x
171.Bill Bailey         < 1.5x
Placebo are an English alternative rock band, formed in London in 1994 by singer-guitarist Brian Molko and guitarist-bassist Stefan Olsdal. The band were soon joined by drummer Robert Schultzberg, who was replaced in 1996 by Steve Hewitt. Hewitt left the band in 2007 and was replaced by Steve Forrest in 2008. Placebo utilise androgynous images and musical content. To date, they have released seven studio albums, all of which have reached the top 20 in the United Kingdom, and have sold around 11 million records worldwide. They released their new album Loud Like Love... more