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Pink Floyd

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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Led Zeppelin         3.7x
2.David Gilmour         3.2x
3.Jimi Hendrix         3.1x
4.The Doors       2.8x
5.Stevie Ray Vaughan         2.8x
6.Mark Knopfler         2.8x
7.Jethro Tull         2.7x
8.The Jimi Hendrix Experience         2.7x
9.John Lennon         2.7x
10.Dire Straits         2.6x
11.Roger Waters         2.5x
12.Eric Clapton         2.5x
13.Rush         2.4x
14.Mike Oldfield         2.4x
15.The Who         2.4x
16.George Harrison         2.3x
17.Eagles         2.3x
18.Cream         2.3x
19.Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young         2.2x
20.Deep Purple         2.2x
21.Peter Gabriel         2.2x
22.King Crimson         2.2x
23.Frank Zappa         2.2x
24.The Beatles         2.2x
25.Yes         2.1x
26.Creedence Clearwater Revival         2.1x
27.The Rolling Stones         2.1x
28.Emerson, Lake & Palmer         2.1x
29.Jeff Beck         2.1x
30.Derek and the Dominos         2.1x
31.Queen         2.1x
32.Janis Joplin         2.1x
33.The Moody Blues         2.1x
34.The Allman Brothers Band         2.0x
35.B.B. King         2.0x
36.Mike Patton         1.9x
37.Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers         1.9x
38.Boston         1.9x
39.Bob Marley         1.9x
40.The Guess Who         1.9x
41.The Police         1.9x
42.Maynard James Keenan   1.9x
43.Johnny Cash         1.8x
44.Santana         1.8x
45.Les Claypool         1.8x
46.Kansas         1.8x
47.Louis Armstrong         1.8x
48.Neil Young         1.8x
49.Jefferson Airplane         1.8x
50.Muddy Waters         1.8x
51.Alice in Chains         1.8x
52.Buddy Guy         1.8x
53.Bad Company         1.7x
54.Tom Petty         1.7x
55.The Animals         1.7x
56.Blue Öyster Cult         1.7x
57.Miles Davis         1.7x
58.Ray Charles         1.7x
59.Grateful Dead         1.7x
60.Simon & Garfunkel         1.7x
61.Morphine         1.7x
62.Syd Barrett   1.7x
63.Electric Light Orchestra         1.7x
64.Steve Vai         1.7x
65.Gov't Mule         1.7x
66.Deltron 3030         1.7x
67.Scorpions         1.7x
68.Joe Satriani         1.7x
69.Dream Theater         1.7x
70.Roy Orbison         1.7x
71.Black Sabbath         1.7x
72.John Coltrane         1.6x
73.John Lee Hooker         1.6x
74.Paul McCartney         1.6x
75.Alice Cooper         1.6x
76.Chuck Berry         1.6x
77.Tool         1.6x
78.Pearl Jam         1.6x
79.David Bowie         1.6x
80.ZZ Top     1.6x
81.Stereo MCs         1.6x
82.Paul Simon         1.6x
83.The Yardbirds         1.6x
84.Genesis         1.6x
85.The Band         1.6x
86.Soundgarden         1.6x
87.AC/DC         1.6x
88.Billie Holiday         1.6x
89.Supertramp         1.6x
90.Dio         1.5x
91.Steve Miller Band         1.5x
92.Jerry Cantrell         1.5x
93.Bachman–Turner Overdrive         1.5x
94.Buffalo Springfield         1.5x
95.Howlin' Wolf         1.5x
96.Air         1.5x
97.Steppenwolf         1.5x
98.Talking Heads         1.5x
99.Zero 7         1.5x
100.Dan Bern         1.5x
101.Soda Stereo         1.5x
102.Massive Attack         1.5x
103.Aretha Franklin         1.5x
104.Nirvana         1.5x
105.Fleetwood Mac         1.5x
106.Van Morrison         < 1.5x
107.Uriah Heep         < 1.5x
108.The Cars         < 1.5x
109.Robert Johnson         < 1.5x
110.Beats Antique         < 1.5x
111.Steely Dan         < 1.5x
112.Tangerine Dream         < 1.5x
113.John Petrucci     < 1.5x
114.Thelonious Monk         < 1.5x
115.James Brown         < 1.5x
116.Depeche Mode         < 1.5x
117.The Clash         < 1.5x
118.Gary Oldman       < 1.5x
119.Van Halen         < 1.5x
120.Red Hot Chili Peppers         < 1.5x
121.Bryan Ferry         < 1.5x
122.The Byrds         < 1.5x
123.Antonio Vivaldi         < 1.5x
124.Thievery Corporation         < 1.5x
125.Portishead         < 1.5x
126.David Byrne         < 1.5x
127.Thom Yorke         < 1.5x
128.Otis Redding         < 1.5x
129.Joe Cocker         < 1.5x
130.Traveling Wilburys         < 1.5x
131.Stevie Wonder         < 1.5x
132.Billy Joel         < 1.5x
133.Waylon Jennings         < 1.5x
134.Radiohead         < 1.5x
135.Phil Collins         < 1.5x
136.Queens of the Stone Age         < 1.5x
137.The Smashing Pumpkins         < 1.5x
138.Marvin Gaye         < 1.5x
139.Blind Melon         < 1.5x
140.The Mamas & the Papas         < 1.5x
141.Rage Against the Machine         < 1.5x
142.Albert King         < 1.5x
143.Carlos Santana         < 1.5x
144.Charlie Parker         < 1.5x
145.George Clinton         < 1.5x
146.The Doobie Brothers         < 1.5x
147.Cat Stevens         < 1.5x
148.Styx         < 1.5x
149.Aerosmith         < 1.5x
150.Journey         < 1.5x
151.Dave Brubeck         < 1.5x
152.Cheap Trick         < 1.5x
153.Funkadelic         < 1.5x
154.Bruce Springsteen         < 1.5x
155.Ramones         < 1.5x
156.Joan Jett         < 1.5x
157.R.E.M.         < 1.5x
158.Lightnin' Hopkins         < 1.5x
159.Ozzy Osbourne         < 1.5x
160.The Kinks         < 1.5x
161.Jeff Buckley         < 1.5x
162.Buddy Holly         < 1.5x
163.Leonard Cohen         < 1.5x
164.God Is an Astronaut         < 1.5x
165.Hank Williams         < 1.5x
166.Daft Punk         < 1.5x
167.Yonder Mountain String Band         < 1.5x
168.Guns N' Roses         < 1.5x
Pink Floyd were an English rock band that achieved international acclaim with their progressive and psychedelic music. Distinguished by their use of philosophical lyrics, sonic experimentation, and elaborate live shows, they are one of the most commercially successful and musically influential groups in the history of popular music. Founded in 1965, the band originally consisted of students Syd Barrett, Nick Mason, Roger Waters, and Richard Wright. They first gained popularity performing in London's underground music scene during the late 1960s, and under Barrett's creative... more