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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Lagwagon         > 20x
2.Agent Orange         > 20x
3.Mad Caddies         > 20x
4.Strung Out         > 20x
5.Millencolin         > 20x
6.NOFX         17.7x
7.Anti-Flag         16.2x
8.The Bouncing Souls         15.7x
9.Me First and the Gimme Gimmes         14.4x
10.Save Ferris         14.1x
11.Less Than Jake         14.1x
12.Goldfinger         13.9x
13.Bad Religion         13.5x
14.Reel Big Fish         12.1x
15.Rancid         12.1x
16.No Use for a Name         10.4x
17.Dropkick Murphys         10.3x
18.Tiger Army         10.1x
19.Mustard Plug         9.1x
20.The Queers         8.9x
21.The Vandals         8.4x
22.Against Me!         8.2x
23.Descendents         8.0x
24.The Toasters         7.6x
25.Rise Against         7.1x
26.Streetlight Manifesto         6.6x
27.Flogging Molly         6.6x
28.Propagandhi         6.5x
29.The Mighty Mighty Bosstones         6.4x
30.The Lawrence Arms         6.3x
31.The Distillers         5.8x
32.Social Distortion         5.8x
33.Transplants         5.8x
34.Alkaline Trio         5.3x
35.Misfits         5.1x
36.Thrice         4.9x
37.Dead Kennedys         4.8x
38.HorrorPops         4.5x
39.CKY         4.3x
40.MxPx         4.1x
41.Tsunami Bomb         4.0x
42.Ramones         4.0x
43.The Specials         3.9x
44.Good Riddance         3.9x
45.Screeching Weasel         3.8x
46.AFI         3.8x
47.Operation Ivy         3.7x
48.Minor Threat         3.3x
49.Cake         3.1x
50.Rage Against the Machine         3.0x
51.Rx Bandits         2.9x
52.The Casualties         2.9x
53.The Offspring         2.7x
54.Atmosphere         2.6x
55.Sublime         2.6x
56.Leftöver Crack         2.5x
57.Bloodhound Gang         2.4x
58.The Aquabats         2.4x
59.Sex Pistols         2.2x
60.Deftones         2.1x
61.Guttermouth         2.0x
62.White Zombie         1.9x
63.A Perfect Circle         1.9x
64.The Presidents of the United States of America         1.9x
65.At the Drive-In         1.8x
66.The Clash         1.8x
67.Crass         1.8x
68.Unwritten Law         1.8x
69.Foo Fighters         1.8x
70.Nekromantix         1.7x
71.Rammstein         1.7x
72.Weezer         1.7x
73.Green Day         1.7x
74.Powerman 5000         1.7x
75.Johnny Cash         1.6x
76.Strike Anywhere         1.6x
77.Stone Sour         1.6x
78.Sum 41         1.6x
79.Faith No More         1.5x
80.311         1.5x
81.The Pogues         < 1.5x
82.Black Flag         < 1.5x
83.Beastie Boys         < 1.5x
84.Atreyu         < 1.5x
85.Stray Cats         < 1.5x
86.No Doubt         < 1.5x
87.Red Hot Chili Peppers         < 1.5x
Pennywise is a punk rock band from Hermosa Beach, California, formed in 1988. The name is derived from the monster, It, from the Stephen King novel of the same title. Between their 1991 self-titled debut and 2005's The Fuse, Pennywise had released an album every two years on Epitaph Records, a label owned by Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz. To date, the band has released ten full-length studio albums (the last being 2012's All or Nothing), one live album, two EPs and one DVD. Although their first two studio albums were critically acclaimed, Pennywise would... more