About If You Dig

Type in the name of a musical artist you dig, and If You Dig will tell you what other artists you're statistically most likely to also dig. Use it to find new music.

Plus, you can preview sample songs by each artist without leaving the site. Sweeeet.

If You Dig's results are calculated from the music preferences of a whole lotta real people. Like, a lot. The results don't reflect any single person's opinion, but are a statistical average. The recipe is our own; you won't find this information anywhere else.

The "likelihood factor" tells you how strong an association is, compared to the average population. For example, if you look up "Led Zeppelin", and the factor for "Jimi Hendrix" is 4x, then this means that people who say they like Led Zeppelin, are four times as likely to say they like Jimi Hendrix, than the average person on the street is. Ya dig?

If you want to help improve our data, tell us which artists you like. We're thinking of building a notification service too, to tell you when new artists/albums/songs come out which are strongly related to the artists you like. If we've already know your tastes, you'll be the first to know.

Note for the nerds: the math is legit. We take sample size into account when calculating artist associations, and the likelihood factor is the lowest bound of a confidence interval. Everything is statistically significant. Results are real, yo.

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