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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.DevilDriver         19.7x
2.American Head Charge         17.3x
3.Coal Chamber         17.1x
4.Mnemic         16.5x
5.Kittie         12.5x
6.Machine Head         12.1x
7.Otep         11.4x
8.Dope         11.3x
9.Fear Factory         10.2x
10.Chimaira         9.7x
11.Killswitch Engage         9.6x
12.Static-X         9.6x
13.Mudvayne         9.4x
14.Orgy         9.3x
15.Stone Sour         9.1x
16.Deftones         8.6x
17.Spineshank         8.2x
18.Five Finger Death Punch         7.2x
19.Lamb of God         6.6x
20.Soilwork         6.5x
21.Dethklok         5.7x
22.Ill Niño         5.4x
23.Hed PE         5.4x
24.Pantera         5.3x
25.White Zombie         5.2x
26.Korn         5.2x
27.Rammstein         5.1x
28.Sevendust         5.1x
29.Type O Negative         5.0x
30.Nonpoint         4.9x
31.Slipknot         4.7x
32.Tool         4.7x
33.Meshuggah         4.7x
34.Cold         4.7x
35.In Flames         4.4x
36.All That Remains         4.3x
37.Down         4.3x
38.A Perfect Circle         4.2x
39.Hatebreed         4.0x
40.Sepultura         3.8x
41.Clutch         3.7x
42.Mastodon         3.5x
43.Shadows Fall         3.3x
44.Alice in Chains         3.3x
45.Gwar         3.3x
46.Rob Zombie         3.2x
47.Hellyeah         3.2x
48.Chevelle         3.2x
49.Powerman 5000         3.0x
50.Apocalyptica         2.9x
51.Soulfly         2.8x
52.Nine Inch Nails         2.8x
53.Opeth         2.8x
54.Suicidal Tendencies         2.8x
55.Lacuna Coil         2.7x
56.Trivium         2.5x
57.Iced Earth         2.5x
58.Godsmack         2.4x
59.Rage Against the Machine         2.4x
60.Theory of a Deadman         2.4x
61.Kidneythieves         2.4x
62.The Birthday Massacre         2.3x
63.Helmet         2.3x
64.Drowning Pool         2.3x
65.Faith No More         2.3x
66.Ozzy Osbourne         2.2x
67.Atreyu         2.1x
68.Soundgarden         2.1x
69.Staind         2.1x
70.Primus         2.1x
71.Avenged Sevenfold         2.1x
72.Alice Cooper         2.0x
73.Devin Townsend         2.0x
74.Mindless Self Indulgence         1.9x
75.Adema         1.9x
76.Serj Tankian         1.9x
77.System of a Down         1.8x
78.Bloodhound Gang         1.8x
79.Mike Patton         1.8x
80.Slayer         1.7x
81.Les Claypool         1.7x
82.Jack Off Jill         1.7x
83.Marilyn Manson         1.6x
84.Three Days Grace         1.6x
85.Arch Enemy         1.5x
86.Ministry         1.5x
87.Soil         < 1.5x
88.Pendulum         < 1.5x
89.Cypress Hill         < 1.5x
90.Disturbed         < 1.5x
91.Flyleaf         < 1.5x
92.Pink Floyd       < 1.5x
93.Dead Kennedys         < 1.5x
94.Puscifer         < 1.5x
95.Dimmu Borgir         < 1.5x
96.Strapping Young Lad         < 1.5x
97.Amon Amarth         < 1.5x
98.The Mighty Mighty Bosstones         < 1.5x
Mushroomhead is an American industrial metal band from Cleveland, Ohio. Formed in 1993 in Cleveland Warehouse District, the band's music can be described as a synthesis of alternative music, experimental music, nu metal, heavy metal, and electro-industrial. Mushroomhead have sold over 2 million units worldwide, and have made 7 studio albums and 15 music videos. During their inception, Mushroomhead has gone through many changes in band line-ups, with original members, lead singer Jeffrey Nothing, programmer Shmotz, and drummer Skinny, being the only consistent members. more