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1.The Toasters         > 20x
2.Big D and the Kids Table         > 20x
3.Save Ferris         > 20x
4.Streetlight Manifesto         > 20x
5.Less Than Jake         > 20x
6.Lagwagon         > 20x
7.Reel Big Fish         > 20x
8.Mustard Plug         > 20x
9.Suburban Legends         > 20x
10.Goldfinger         > 20x
11.Millencolin         > 20x
12.The Aquabats         > 20x
13.The Mighty Mighty Bosstones         18.1x
14.Me First and the Gimme Gimmes         17.6x
15.NOFX         17.6x
16.Pennywise         14.4x
17.Voodoo Glow Skulls         14.1x
18.No Use for a Name         13.9x
19.The Vandals         12.9x
20.Flogging Molly         12.5x
21.Dropkick Murphys         11.4x
22.Bad Religion         10.6x
23.Rancid         10.4x
24.Agent Orange         8.9x
25.Transplants         8.9x
26.Strung Out         8.4x
27.The Planet Smashers         8.2x
28.The Bouncing Souls         7.1x
29.Operation Ivy         6.3x
30.Against Me!         6.1x
31.The Specials         6.0x
32.Screeching Weasel         5.9x
33.Catch 22         5.9x
34.Propagandhi         5.0x
35.Five Iron Frenzy         4.6x
36.They Might Be Giants         4.4x
37.Cake         4.1x
38.Sublime         4.1x
39.Alkaline Trio         3.9x
40.Tsunami Bomb         3.8x
41.The Dead Milkmen         3.8x
42.Dead Kennedys         3.7x
43.The Suicide Machines         3.5x
44.Weezer         3.4x
45.Social Distortion         3.2x
46.The Queers         3.2x
47.Descendents         3.0x
48.Rx Bandits         2.8x
49.The Casualties         2.8x
50.Ramones         2.5x
51.Bowling for Soup         2.4x
52.311         2.4x
53.Sex Pistols         2.3x
54.Misfits         2.1x
55.The Offspring         1.9x
56.The Clash         1.7x
57.Blink-182         1.5x
58.New Found Glory         < 1.5x
59.Anti-Flag         < 1.5x
60.Rise Against         < 1.5x
61.Violent Femmes         < 1.5x
62.Stray Cats         < 1.5x
63.The Postal Service         < 1.5x
The Mad Caddies (or the Caddies) are a ska punk band from Solvang, California. The band formed in 1995 and has released five full-length albums, one live album, and two EPs. The Mad Caddies sound has influences from broad ranging genres including ska (especially ska 3rd wave), punk rock, hardcore punk, swing, reggae, jazz, Latin music, polka, even cowpunk ("Crew Cut Chuck") and sea shanties ("Weird Beard"). more