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1.DevilDriver         > 20x
2.Pantera         11.9x
3.Fear Factory         11.3x
4.Behemoth         11.2x
5.Spineshank         10.1x
6.Coal Chamber         10.1x
7.Nothingface         9.9x
8.Sepultura         9.4x
9.Killswitch Engage         8.9x
10.Black Label Society         8.0x
11.Lamb of God         8.0x
12.Chimaira         7.5x
13.Mushroomhead         7.4x
14.Type O Negative         7.3x
15.Unearth         7.2x
16.Deftones         7.2x
17.Stone Sour         7.2x
18.As I Lay Dying         6.9x
19.Hellyeah         6.8x
20.Five Finger Death Punch         6.7x
21.Soulfly         6.6x
22.All That Remains         6.6x
23.Dethklok         6.6x
24.Meshuggah         6.6x
25.Carcass         6.4x
26.Gwar         6.2x
27.Otep         6.0x
28.Trivium         5.9x
29.Mastodon         5.9x
30.Slayer         5.7x
31.Static-X         5.6x
32.White Zombie         5.5x
33.Shadows Fall         5.5x
34.Gojira         5.2x
35.Exodus         5.1x
36.Mudvayne         4.9x
37.Murderdolls         4.8x
38.In This Moment         4.8x
39.Arch Enemy         4.6x
40.Kreator         4.6x
41.Hatebreed         4.6x
42.Dimmu Borgir         4.6x
43.In Flames         4.5x
44.Anthrax         4.5x
45.Damageplan         4.5x
46.Megadeth         4.5x
47.Dope         4.3x
48.Cradle of Filth         4.3x
49.Alestorm         4.1x
50.Children of Bodom         4.1x
51.Dying Fetus         4.1x
52.American Head Charge         4.0x
53.Slipknot         3.8x
54.Korn         3.7x
55.Morbid Angel         3.7x
56.Bleeding Through         3.7x
57.Testament         3.7x
58.Korpiklaani         3.5x
59.Alice in Chains         3.5x
60.Cold         3.5x
61.Kittie         3.4x
62.Suicidal Tendencies         3.4x
63.Hypocrisy         3.4x
64.Cannibal Corpse         3.4x
65.Sevendust         3.4x
66.Ozzy Osbourne         3.3x
67.Rammstein         3.3x
68.Clutch         3.2x
69.Tool         3.2x
70.Ministry         3.1x
71.Rob Zombie         3.1x
72.Deicide         3.0x
73.Ensiferum         2.9x
74.Faith No More         2.8x
75.Nile         2.8x
76.Powerman 5000         2.8x
77.Amon Amarth         2.7x
78.Opeth         2.7x
79.3 Inches of Blood         2.6x
80.Iron Maiden         2.5x
81.Down         2.5x
82.Helmet         2.4x
83.Drowning Pool         2.3x
84.Death Angel         2.3x
85.Suffocation         2.3x
86.Rage Against the Machine         2.3x
87.Soilwork         2.3x
88.Metallica         2.2x
89.Soil         2.2x
90.Motörhead         2.2x
91.Dio         2.2x
92.Judas Priest         2.2x
93.Prong         2.2x
94.Black Sabbath         2.1x
95.Nine Inch Nails         2.1x
96.Apocalyptica         2.0x
97.Primus         2.0x
98.Dark Tranquillity         1.9x
99.Iced Earth         1.9x
100.Lacuna Coil         1.9x
101.Strapping Young Lad         1.9x
102.Flaw         1.9x
103.A Perfect Circle         1.9x
104.Serj Tankian         1.9x
105.Orgy         1.8x
106.Atreyu         1.8x
107.Avenged Sevenfold         1.8x
108.Queens of the Stone Age         1.8x
109.Skindred         1.7x
110.Disturbed         1.6x
111.Bullet for My Valentine         1.6x
112.System of a Down         1.6x
113.Buckethead         1.6x
114.Chevelle         1.6x
115.Filter         1.5x
116.Overkill         1.5x
117.Nonpoint         1.5x
118.Temple of the Dog         < 1.5x
119.Dream Theater         < 1.5x
120.Flyleaf         < 1.5x
121.Celtic Frost         < 1.5x
122.Mötley Crüe         < 1.5x
123.Soundgarden         < 1.5x
Machine Head is an American metal band from Oakland, California. Formed on October 12, 1991, the group was founded by vocalist and guitarist Robb Flynn and bassist Adam Duce. The current lineup of the band comprises Flynn, drummer Dave McClain, ex-Vio-Lence guitarist Phil Demmel, and bassist Jared MacEachern. Machine Head is one of the pioneering bands in the New Wave of American Heavy Metal. Machine Head was formed by member Robb Flynn, previously part of the bands Forbidden and Vio-lence. Flynn felt musically unfulfilled with Vio-lence and requested to start a side project.... more