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Les Claypool

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1.Mike Patton         18.7x
2.Primus         16.5x
3.Buckethead         12.9x
4.Béla Fleck and the Flecktones         11.7x
5.Mr. Bungle         10.7x
6.Frank Zappa         8.5x
7.Medeski Martin & Wood         6.8x
8.Oysterhead         6.8x
9.Parliament-Funkadelic   6.4x
10.Fantômas         6.3x
11.Faith No More         6.0x
12.Kyuss         5.9x
13.George Clinton         5.4x
14.Maynard James Keenan   5.1x
15.Parliament         4.5x
16.Lovage         4.4x
17.Gwar         4.1x
18.Black Francis         4.0x
19.Ween         3.9x
20.Peeping Tom         3.8x
21.Puscifer         3.6x
22.Lords of Acid         3.5x
23.Aphex Twin         3.5x
24.Type O Negative         3.5x
25.King Crimson         3.4x
26.Jimi Hendrix         3.2x
27.Henry Rollins         3.2x
28.Tool         3.1x
29.Queens of the Stone Age         3.1x
30.Mastodon         3.0x
31.Rush         3.0x
32.Alice in Chains         3.0x
33.A Perfect Circle         2.9x
34.Ministry         2.8x
35.Talking Heads         2.8x
36.Funkadelic         2.8x
37.Dethklok         2.8x
38.Tom Waits         2.8x
39.Pink Floyd       2.7x
40.Dead Kennedys         2.6x
41.The Jimi Hendrix Experience         2.6x
42.Led Zeppelin         2.6x
43.Buddy Guy         2.6x
44.Victor Wooten         2.5x
45.Rage Against the Machine         2.5x
46.Moe         2.5x
47.Tomahawk         2.5x
48.Skinny Puppy         2.3x
49.Robert Johnson         2.3x
50.Soundgarden         2.3x
51.Yes         2.3x
52.Thelonious Monk         2.3x
53.Black Sabbath         2.2x
54.White Zombie         2.2x
55.Dropkick Murphys         2.2x
56.Clutch         2.2x
57.Cake         2.2x
58.Stevie Ray Vaughan         2.2x
59.Them Crooked Vultures         2.2x
60.MDFMK         2.1x
61.Suicidal Tendencies         2.1x
62.Meshuggah         2.1x
63.Jethro Tull         2.1x
64.Jack White         2.1x
65.My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult         2.0x
66.Pantera         2.0x
67.The Dead Milkmen         2.0x
68.John Coltrane         2.0x
69.The Presidents of the United States of America         2.0x
70.Bill Hicks         2.0x
71.The String Cheese Incident         2.0x
72.Gogol Bordello         1.9x
73.They Might Be Giants         1.9x
74.Miles Davis         1.8x
75.Morphine         1.8x
76.Rasputina         1.8x
77.Pixies         1.8x
78.Jack Off Jill         1.8x
79.Bob Marley         1.8x
80.Creedence Clearwater Revival         1.8x
81.Jane's Addiction         1.8x
82.Nine Inch Nails         1.7x
83.Dream Theater         1.7x
84.Leftöver Crack         1.7x
85.Howlin' Wolf         1.7x
86.B.B. King         1.7x
87.Beastie Boys         1.7x
88.KMFDM         1.7x
89.George Harrison         1.7x
90.The Aquabats         1.7x
91.Melvins         1.7x
92.The Doors       1.7x
93.Charles Mingus         1.7x
94.The White Stripes         1.6x
95.Squarepusher         1.6x
96.Muddy Waters         1.6x
97.Devo         1.6x
98.The Black Crowes         1.6x
99.The Mars Volta         1.6x
100.Air         1.6x
101.Oingo Boingo         1.6x
102.Butthole Surfers         1.6x
103.Tenacious D         1.6x
104.Deltron 3030         1.5x
105.Phish         1.5x
106.Scorpions         1.5x
107.John Lee Hooker         1.5x
108.John Lennon         1.5x
109.Rammstein         1.5x
110.Stereolab         1.5x
111.Joe Satriani         1.5x
112.Dio         1.5x
113.Jaco Pastorius         1.5x
114.Nirvana         1.5x
115.Deftones         1.5x
116.Iron Maiden         < 1.5x
117.Violent Femmes         < 1.5x
118.Beck         < 1.5x
119.Lamb of God         < 1.5x
120.Portishead         < 1.5x
121.Down         < 1.5x
122.Sly and the Family Stone         < 1.5x
123.Anthrax         < 1.5x
124.Johnny Cash         < 1.5x
125.The Who         < 1.5x
126.Helmet         < 1.5x
127.Louis Armstrong         < 1.5x
128.Circle Jerks         < 1.5x
129.Minor Threat         < 1.5x
130.The Prodigy         < 1.5x
131.David Bowie         < 1.5x
Leslie Edward "Les" Claypool (born September 29, 1963) is an American musician and writer, best known as the lead vocalist and bassist in the band Primus. Claypool's playing style on the electric bass mixes tapping, flamenco-like strumming, whammy bar bends, and slapping. Claypool has also self-produced and engineered his solo releases from his own studio, "Rancho Relaxo". 2006 saw the release of a full-length feature film Electric Apricot written and directed by Claypool as well as a debut novel South of the Pumphouse. more