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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Babes in Toyland         > 20x
2.Bikini Kill         > 20x
3.Hole         12.0x
4.Joan Jett         11.2x
5.Veruca Salt         10.1x
6.The Breeders         10.0x
7.Patti Smith         9.1x
8.The Runaways         8.3x
9.The Cramps         7.9x
10.Riot grrrl   7.9x
11.X-Ray Spex         6.8x
12.Siouxsie and the Banshees         6.8x
13.Ramones         6.5x
14.Black Francis         5.9x
15.Helmet         5.4x
16.Ministry         5.4x
17.Butthole Surfers         5.3x
18.Dead Kennedys         4.7x
19.Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds         4.5x
20.Motörhead         4.4x
21.Pixies         4.4x
22.Elastica         4.4x
23.T. Rex         4.4x
24.Iggy Pop         4.2x
25.PJ Harvey         3.9x
26.Siouxsie Sioux         3.8x
27.Sonic Youth         3.7x
28.Sleater-Kinney         3.7x
29.Nick Cave         3.7x
30.KMFDM         3.7x
31.Blondie         3.6x
32.Violent Femmes         3.5x
33.Fugazi         3.4x
34.Cyndi Lauper         3.4x
35.The Clash         3.4x
36.Garbage         3.3x
37.Mazzy Star         3.3x
38.Sepultura         3.2x
39.The Stooges         3.2x
40.Le Tigre         3.2x
41.Joy Division         3.2x
42.The Smiths         3.1x
43.My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult         3.1x
44.Portishead         3.0x
45.Margaret Cho         3.0x
46.Switchblade Symphony         3.0x
47.My Bloody Valentine         2.9x
48.Nirvana         2.9x
49.Nina Simone         2.9x
50.The Reverend Horton Heat         2.8x
51.The Smashing Pumpkins         2.8x
52.Depeche Mode         2.8x
53.Alice in Chains         2.8x
54.The B-52's         2.7x
55.The Crystal Method         2.7x
56.Beastie Boys         2.7x
57.Bauhaus         2.6x
58.Echo & the Bunnymen         2.6x
59.Black Sabbath         2.6x
60.Devo         2.5x
61.Pantera         2.5x
62.The Psychedelic Furs         2.5x
63.Johnny Cash         2.5x
64.The Cure         2.5x
65.Misfits         2.4x
66.Pretenders         2.4x
67.Björk         2.3x
68.Tori Amos         2.3x
69.Jack Off Jill         2.2x
70.The Pogues         2.2x
71.Jefferson Airplane         2.2x
72.David Bowie         2.1x
73.Black Flag         2.1x
74.Buzzcocks         2.1x
75.White Zombie         2.1x
76.Bad Brains         2.0x
77.Leonard Cohen         2.0x
78.Yeah Yeah Yeahs         2.0x
79.The Damned         2.0x
80.The Doors       2.0x
81.Jimi Hendrix         2.0x
82.Howlin' Wolf         1.9x
83.John Lee Hooker         1.9x
84.R.E.M.         1.9x
85.Nine Inch Nails         1.9x
86.Snake River Conspiracy         1.9x
87.Type O Negative         1.8x
88.The Jesus and Mary Chain         1.8x
89.Public Image Ltd         1.8x
90.Faith No More         1.8x
91.The Sisters of Mercy         1.8x
92.Sex Pistols         1.8x
93.Morrissey         1.7x
94.The Rolling Stones         1.7x
95.Gwar         1.7x
96.Front Line Assembly         1.7x
97.The Velvet Underground         1.6x
98.The Dresden Dolls         1.6x
99.Swans         1.6x
100.Public Enemy         1.6x
101.Rancid         1.5x
102.Rasputina         1.5x
103.Beck         1.5x
104.Led Zeppelin         1.5x
105.Soundgarden         1.5x
106.Queens of the Stone Age         1.5x
107.Cheap Trick         1.5x
108.Iron Maiden         1.5x
109.The Who         1.5x
110.Courtney Love         < 1.5x
111.The Cranberries         < 1.5x
112.Melvins         < 1.5x
113.Duran Duran         < 1.5x
114.NOFX         < 1.5x
115.Kate Bush         < 1.5x
116.Queen         < 1.5x
117.Talking Heads         < 1.5x
118.VNV Nation         < 1.5x
119.Jane's Addiction         < 1.5x
120.Tom Waits         < 1.5x
121.Rob Zombie         < 1.5x
122.Massive Attack         < 1.5x
123.Santana         < 1.5x
L7 was an American rock band from Los Angeles. They were active from 1985 to 2001. Due to their sound and image, they are often associated with the grunge movement of the late 1980s and early 1990s, though they were initially a heavy metal act. more