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John Mayer

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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Jason Mraz         6.6x
2.Matt Nathanson         5.9x
3.Eric Hutchinson         4.7x
4.Gavin DeGraw         4.3x
5.Dispatch         4.3x
6.Jack Johnson         3.9x
7.Rob Thomas         3.6x
8.The Script         3.4x
9.Maroon 5         3.3x
10.James Morrison         3.2x
11.Train         3.2x
12.Colbie Caillat         3.1x
13.Ingrid Michaelson         3.0x
14.The Fray         2.9x
15.Sister Hazel         2.9x
16.Dave Matthews Band         2.8x
17.Michael Bublé         2.8x
18.Five for Fighting         2.7x
19.Third Eye Blind         2.5x
20.Norah Jones         2.5x
21.O.A.R.         2.4x
22.John Legend         2.4x
23.Joss Stone         2.3x
24.Natasha Bedingfield         2.3x
25.Counting Crows         2.3x
26.Josh Groban         2.3x
27.Sara Bareilles         2.3x
28.James Taylor         2.3x
29.Lady Antebellum         2.2x
30.OneRepublic         2.2x
31.Matchbox Twenty         2.2x
32.Imogen Heap         2.1x
33.Lifehouse         2.1x
34.Hootie & the Blowfish         2.0x
35.Justin Timberlake         2.0x
36.Adele         2.0x
37.Coldplay         1.9x
38.Frank Sinatra         1.9x
39.Gladys Knight & the Pips         1.9x
40.Snow Patrol         1.9x
41.Michelle Branch         1.9x
42.Alicia Keys         1.8x
43.Goo Goo Dolls         1.8x
44.Plain White T's         1.8x
45.Corinne Bailey Rae         1.8x
46.Marianas Trench         1.7x
47.James Blunt         1.7x
48.Journey         1.7x
49.The Temptations         1.7x
50.Ben Folds         1.7x
51.Anberlin         1.7x
52.Carole King         1.7x
53.Eagles         1.7x
54.Brand New         1.7x
55.Billy Joel         1.7x
56.Sade         1.7x
57.Bob Marley         1.7x
58.Nat King Cole         1.6x
59.Jamie Cullum         1.6x
60.Sheryl Crow         1.6x
61.B.B. King         1.6x
62.Ray Charles         1.6x
63.A Fine Frenzy         1.5x
64.Faith Hill         1.5x
65.Dido         1.5x
66.Pink         1.5x
67.Kings of Leon         1.5x
68.Frank Ocean         1.5x
69.The Starting Line         1.5x
70.No Doubt         1.5x
71.The Hush Sound         1.5x
72.Savage Garden         1.5x
73.Of Monsters and Men         1.5x
74.Robin Thicke         1.5x
75.Bowling for Soup         1.5x
76.Blue October         < 1.5x
77.Mayday Parade         < 1.5x
78.Eric Clapton         < 1.5x
79.Al Green         < 1.5x
80.Mat Kearney         < 1.5x
81.Sarah McLachlan         < 1.5x
82.Hall & Oates         < 1.5x
83.Jason Aldean         < 1.5x
84.Alanis Morissette         < 1.5x
85.Stevie Wonder         < 1.5x
86.Sugarland         < 1.5x
87.Damien Rice         < 1.5x
88.Cartel         < 1.5x
89.William Fitzsimmons         < 1.5x
90.The Postal Service         < 1.5x
91.Rascal Flatts         < 1.5x
92.Regina Spektor         < 1.5x
93.Thrice         < 1.5x
94.Marvin Gaye         < 1.5x
95.Gym Class Heroes         < 1.5x
96.Keith Urban         < 1.5x
97.Gwen Stefani         < 1.5x
98.India.Arie         < 1.5x
99.The Cranberries         < 1.5x
100.The Beatles         < 1.5x
101.Red Hot Chili Peppers         < 1.5x
102.Ben Folds Five         < 1.5x
103.Beyoncé Knowles         < 1.5x
104.Shakira         < 1.5x
105.Tracy Chapman         < 1.5x
106.Lily Allen         < 1.5x
107.Sugar Ray         < 1.5x
John Clayton Mayer (/ˈmeɪ.ər/ MAY-ər; born October 16, 1977) is an American guitarist, singer-songwriter, and producer. Born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and raised in Fairfield, he attended Berklee College of Music in Boston. He moved to Atlanta in 1997, where he refined his skills and gained a following, and he now lives in Montana. His first two studio albums, Room for Squares (2001) and Heavier Things (2003), did well commercially, achieving multi-platinum status. In 2003, he won a Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for "Your Body Is a... more