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John Legend

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1.Maxwell         15.0x
2.Musiq Soulchild         13.5x
3.Anthony Hamilton         11.8x
4.India.Arie         11.0x
5.Luther Vandross         10.7x
6.Jill Scott         10.4x
7.Corinne Bailey Rae         9.7x
8.Common         9.1x
9.Lauryn Hill         7.9x
10.Erykah Badu         7.7x
11.Black Star         7.4x
12.Brian McKnight         7.4x
13.D'Angelo         7.1x
14.Robin Thicke         6.6x
15.Sade         6.5x
16.N.E.R.D         6.2x
17.Alicia Keys         6.0x
18.Fugees         6.0x
19.Wale         6.0x
20.Aaliyah         5.8x
21.Earth, Wind & Fire         5.8x
22.Talib Kweli         5.7x
23.Frank Ocean         5.5x
24.Mos Def         5.3x
25.Marvin Gaye         5.1x
26.The Roots         5.1x
27.Al Green         5.0x
28.Stevie Wonder         5.0x
29.The Isley Brothers         4.6x
30.Lupe Fiasco         4.5x
31.Pharrell Williams         4.4x
32.Boyz II Men         4.3x
33.Anita Baker         4.1x
34.A Tribe Called Quest         4.1x
35.The Temptations         3.9x
36.Outkast         3.9x
37.Usher         3.7x
38.De La Soul         3.5x
39.Ne-Yo         3.4x
40.Missy Elliott         3.1x
41.Nas         3.1x
42.Gym Class Heroes         3.1x
43.Trey Songz         3.1x
44.Bill Withers         3.1x
45.Sam Cooke         3.0x
46.Janelle Monáe         3.0x
47.Justin Timberlake         2.9x
48.The Pharcyde         2.8x
49.Calvin Harris         2.8x
50.Beyoncé Knowles         2.7x
51.Method Man         2.6x
52.Wyclef Jean         2.6x
53.Joss Stone         2.6x
54.Drake         2.6x
55.Barry White         2.5x
56.Adele         2.5x
57.The Script         2.4x
58.Destiny's Child         2.4x
59.Ray Charles         2.4x
60.The Jackson 5         2.4x
61.Tupac Shakur         2.3x
62.Otis Redding         2.2x
63.Norah Jones         2.2x
64.Mary J. Blige         2.2x
65.James Brown         2.1x
66.Prince         2.0x
67.OneRepublic         2.0x
68.Whitney Houston         2.0x
69.B.o.B         1.9x
70.Kanye West         1.9x
71.Keri Hilson         1.9x
72.Bob Marley         1.9x
73.Michael Bublé         1.8x
74.Michael Jackson         1.8x
75.Gang Starr         1.8x
76.Jamiroquai         1.7x
77.Rza         1.7x
78.John Mayer         1.7x
79.Digable Planets         1.7x
80.Curtis Mayfield         1.7x
81.J Dilla         1.7x
82.Bruno Mars         1.6x
83.Jay-Z         1.6x
84.Nelly Furtado         1.6x
85.The Notorious B.I.G.         1.6x
86.Maroon 5         1.6x
87.Jack Johnson         1.6x
88.Billie Holiday         1.6x
89.Ingrid Michaelson         1.6x
90.Jason Mraz         1.5x
91.Parliament         1.5x
92.Etta James         1.5x
93.Del the Funky Homosapien         1.5x
94.Tracy Chapman         1.5x
95.Busta Rhymes         < 1.5x
96.Sly and the Family Stone         < 1.5x
97.Jedi Mind Tricks         < 1.5x
98.Ludacris         < 1.5x
99.Wu-Tang Clan         < 1.5x
100.Frank Sinatra         < 1.5x
101.Amy Winehouse         < 1.5x
102.Cee Lo Green         < 1.5x
103.Dr. Dre         < 1.5x
104.Mariah Carey         < 1.5x
105.Ella Fitzgerald         < 1.5x
106.John Coltrane         < 1.5x
John Roger Stephens (born December 28, 1978), better known by his stage name John Legend, is an American singer-songwriter and actor. He has won nine Grammy Awards, and in 2007, Legend received the special Starlight Award from the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Prior to the release of his debut album, Stephens' career gained momentum through a series of successful collaborations with multiple established artists. Stephens added his voice to those of other artists, assisting in them reaching chart-topper hits. He lent his voice to Magnetic Man's "Getting Nowhere," Kanye... more