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John Digweed

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1.Carl Cox         > 20x
2.Markus Schulz         > 20x
3.Deep Dish       > 20x
4.Ferry Corsten         > 20x
5.Paul van Dyk         > 20x
6.Chicane         19.6x
7.Paul Oakenfold         17.8x
8.Leftfield         16.8x
9.Armin van Buuren         15.9x
10.Above & Beyond         15.4x
11.Darude         14.7x
12.Robert Miles         13.5x
13.Orbital         12.3x
14.The Chemical Brothers         10.7x
15.Propellerheads         10.7x
16.Hybrid         9.3x
17.The Crystal Method         9.2x
18.BT         9.0x
19.Trentemøller         8.8x
20.The Future Sound of London         8.2x
21.Groove Armada         7.8x
22.Tiësto         7.4x
23.ATB         7.1x
24.Benny Benassi         4.8x
25.Massive Attack         4.4x
26.Faithless         4.0x
27.The Prodigy         3.7x
28.Röyksopp         3.6x
29.DJ Shadow         3.4x
30.Daft Punk         3.3x
31.Kaskade         3.3x
32.Deadmau5         3.2x
33.Basement Jaxx         3.2x
34.Norman Cook         3.2x
35.Moby         2.9x
36.Amon Tobin         2.8x
37.Kruder & Dorfmeister         2.7x
38.Everything but the Girl         2.6x
39.Aphex Twin         2.3x
40.Goldfrapp         2.2x
41.Justice         2.2x
42.Steve Aoki         2.2x
43.Enigma         2.1x
44.KMFDM         1.7x
45.Burial         < 1.5x
John Digweed (born 1 January 1967 in Hastings, England) is an English DJ, record producer and actor. more