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1.Make Believe     > 20x
2.Cap'n Jazz         > 20x
3.Rites of Spring         > 20x
4.Do Make Say Think         17.9x
5.Fugazi         17.2x
6.Shellac         14.3x
7.My Bloody Valentine         5.5x
8.Can         4.0x
9.Pixies         2.7x
10.Godspeed You! Black Emperor         2.0x
11.Devo         1.7x
Joan of Arc are an American indie rock band from Chicago, Illinois. They formed in 1995, following the breakup of Cap'n Jazz. Singer Tim Kinsella has been the only permanent member of the group; he has also recorded as a solo artist. Joan of Arc are known for their use of electronics, samples, and multi-track recording in their songs; some songs on The Gap contained over 100 tracks. Joan of Arc's lyrics and cover art are often intentionally misleading, humorous, or confusing. For example, the album Live in Chicago 1999 is not a live album, but a... more