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Jarvis Cocker

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1.Pulp         > 20x
2.Blur         11.5x
3.Suede         8.1x
4.The Smiths         7.2x
5.Elastica         6.9x
6.Joy Division         6.5x
7.Serge Gainsbourg         6.0x
8.The Magnetic Fields         5.2x
9.The Jam         4.6x
10.Belle & Sebastian         3.6x
11.Supergrass         3.4x
12.New Order         3.4x
13.Pixies         3.3x
14.The Jesus and Mary Chain         2.8x
15.David Bowie         2.8x
16.Morrissey         2.7x
17.Friendly Fires         2.5x
18.Echo & the Bunnymen         2.4x
19.The Kinks         2.4x
20.Portishead         2.2x
21.Kraftwerk         2.0x
22.Stereolab         2.0x
23.Radiohead         1.8x
24.The Cure         1.8x
25.Bill Bailey         1.6x
26.Air         1.6x
27.Ella Fitzgerald         1.5x
28.Björk         1.5x
29.Massive Attack         1.5x
30.Los Campesinos!         1.5x
31.Cut Copy         < 1.5x
32.Roxy Music         < 1.5x
33.The Beatles         < 1.5x
34.My Bloody Valentine         < 1.5x
35.Leonard Cohen         < 1.5x
36.Kate Bush         < 1.5x
37.LCD Soundsystem         < 1.5x
38.The Velvet Underground         < 1.5x
Jarvis Branson Cocker (born 19 September 1963) is an English musician and frontman for the band Pulp. Through his work with the band, Cocker became a figurehead of the Britpop movement of the mid-1990s. Following Pulp's hiatus, Cocker has led a successful solo career, and currently presents his own radio show on BBC Radio 6 Music, Jarvis Cocker's Sunday Service. more