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1.Édith Piaf         17.7x
2.Serge Gainsbourg         15.2x
3.Georges Brassens         12.2x
4.Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan         8.1x
5.Yo-Yo Ma         7.9x
6.Charlie Parker         7.6x
7.Antônio Carlos Jobim         7.5x
8.Nina Simone         6.4x
9.Leonard Cohen         6.4x
10.Randy Newman         6.0x
11.George Gershwin         5.4x
12.Stan Getz         5.2x
13.Hooverphonic         4.3x
14.Dr. John         4.2x
15.Nick Cave         4.1x
16.Sun Ra         3.9x
17.Antonio Vivaldi         3.9x
18.Janis Joplin         3.7x
19.Miles Davis         3.7x
20.Charles Mingus         3.7x
21.Warren Zevon         3.5x
22.Gustav Mahler         3.5x
23.The Mamas & the Papas         3.1x
24.John Coltrane         2.5x
25.Otis Redding         2.4x
26.Patti Smith         2.4x
27.Prince         2.3x
28.Eurythmics         2.2x
29.Aretha Franklin         2.0x
30.Django Reinhardt         2.0x
31.Ella Fitzgerald         1.9x
32.Dizzy Gillespie         1.9x
33.John Lennon         1.8x
34.Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds         1.8x
35.Dusty Springfield         1.8x
36.Björk         1.7x
37.Simon & Garfunkel         1.7x
38.The Police         1.6x
39.Ornette Coleman         1.6x
40.Alison Krauss         1.6x
41.Goldfrapp         1.6x
42.Nat King Cole         1.5x
43.DeVotchKa         < 1.5x
44.Frank Zappa         < 1.5x
45.Ravi Shankar         < 1.5x
46.Chuck Berry         < 1.5x
47.Cole Porter         < 1.5x
48.Peter Gabriel         < 1.5x
49.Jeff Buckley         < 1.5x
50.The Smiths         < 1.5x
Jacques Brel (French: [ʒak bʁɛl]; 8 April 1929 – 9 October 1978) was a Belgian singer-songwriter who composed and performed literate, thoughtful, and theatrical songs that generated a large, devoted following in Belgium and France initially, and later throughout the world. He was widely considered a master of the modern chanson. Although he recorded most of his songs in French, he became a major influence on English-speaking songwriters and performers such as David Bowie, Alex Harvey, Leonard Cohen, Marc Almond and Rod McKuen. English translations of his songs were recorded... more