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Hot Water Music

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1.Chuck Ragan         > 20x
2.Samiam         > 20x
3.Small Brown Bike         > 20x
4.The Lawrence Arms         > 20x
5.American Football         > 20x
6.Against Me!         > 20x
7.The Get Up Kids         > 20x
8.Off with Their Heads         > 20x
9.Lucero         > 20x
10.Dillinger Four         > 20x
11.The Appleseed Cast         > 20x
12.Bear vs. Shark         > 20x
13.Cap'n Jazz         > 20x
14.The Gaslight Anthem         > 20x
15.Owen         19.5x
16.Jets to Brazil         19.3x
17.Avail         19.3x
18.Jawbreaker         18.6x
19.The Promise Ring         17.8x
20.Descendents         17.4x
21.Propagandhi         16.7x
22.Glassjaw         15.8x
23.Alkaline Trio         15.4x
24.Refused         15.2x
25.Cave In         13.7x
26.Kid Dynamite         13.7x
27.The Bouncing Souls         13.7x
28.Converge         13.2x
29.Cursive         12.6x
30.Desaparecidos         10.7x
31.Rites of Spring         10.0x
32.Botch         9.9x
33.Leatherface         9.6x
34.Lagwagon         9.3x
35.Thrice         8.7x
36.Gorilla Biscuits         8.3x
37.Fugazi         8.1x
38.Bane         8.1x
39.At the Drive-In         7.8x
40.Minor Threat         7.8x
41.Brand New         7.2x
42.Dear Landlord         6.4x
43.Saves the Day         5.2x
44.Sunny Day Real Estate         5.1x
45.NOFX         5.1x
46.The Replacements         4.7x
47.Lifetime         4.6x
48.Bad Religion         4.5x
49.Frank Turner         4.5x
50.Tiger Army         4.4x
51.Drive Like Jehu         4.2x
52.Black Flag         3.9x
53.Say Anything         3.8x
54.Hüsker Dü         3.8x
55.Give Up the Ghost         3.7x
56.Title Fight         3.3x
57.No Use for a Name         3.2x
58.The Menzingers         3.1x
59.Misfits         3.1x
60.Superchunk         3.0x
61.Minus the Bear         3.0x
62.The Hold Steady         2.7x
63.Thursday         2.6x
64.Bright Eyes         2.5x
65.Strung Out         2.5x
66.The Clash         2.4x
67.Operation Ivy         2.4x
68.A Wilhelm Scream         2.3x
69.Rise Against         2.3x
70.Rancid         2.1x
71.Pinback         2.1x
72.AFI         2.0x
73.Elliott Smith         2.0x
74.Jimmy Eat World         1.9x
75.Strike Anywhere         1.8x
76.Explosions in the Sky         1.8x
77.Dinosaur Jr.         1.7x
78.Ramones         1.7x
79.Archers of Loaf         1.6x
80.The Tallest Man on Earth         1.6x
81.The Dillinger Escape Plan         1.5x
82.Alexisonfire         1.5x
83.Anti-Flag         1.5x
84.Andrew Jackson Jihad         < 1.5x
85.Defiance, Ohio         < 1.5x
86.Bad Brains         < 1.5x
87.Pixies         < 1.5x
88.Modest Mouse         < 1.5x
89.The Postal Service         < 1.5x
90.Goldfinger         < 1.5x
Hot Water Music is a punk rock band from Gainesville, Florida. The members of the band are Chuck Ragan, Chris Wollard, Jason Black, and George Rebelo. HWM first formed in 1993. In 1998, after releasing multiple EPs and three full-length albums, the band briefly disbanded, but soon reformed, announcing their continuation as Hot Water Music at the concert recorded for Live at the Hardback. In late 2005, Hot Water Music stated they were going on a hiatus following Chuck Ragan's departure. On May 13, 2006 however, the hiatus became permanent and Hot Water Music officially...In... more