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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Koffin Kats         > 20x
2.The Creepshow         > 20x
3.Nekromantix         > 20x
4.Tiger Army         > 20x
5.The Reverend Horton Heat         > 20x
6.Zombie Ghost Train         16.4x
7.The Distillers         14.6x
8.Demented Are Go         14.0x
9.Mad Sin         13.5x
10.Peppermint Creeps         12.0x
11.The Cramps         9.5x
12.Stray Cats         9.1x
13.The Bouncing Souls         7.9x
14.Streetlight Manifesto         7.8x
15.Rancid         7.8x
16.Goldfinger         6.3x
17.Dead Kennedys         6.1x
18.Ramones         5.9x
19.Big D and the Kids Table         5.8x
20.Flogging Molly         5.4x
21.Dropkick Murphys         5.3x
22.Social Distortion         5.3x
23.Bad Religion         5.0x
24.Misfits         4.8x
25.Reel Big Fish         4.3x
26.The Mighty Mighty Bosstones         4.1x
27.Less Than Jake         4.0x
28.Ministry         3.9x
29.The Aquabats         3.6x
30.NOFX         3.3x
31.Gogol Bordello         3.3x
32.Operation Ivy         3.2x
33.Hank Williams III         3.2x
34.Joan Jett         3.1x
35.My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult         3.0x
36.Genitorturers         3.0x
37.The Vandals         2.9x
38.The Meteors         2.9x
39.Pennywise         2.8x
40.Johnny Cash         2.7x
41.Lords of Acid         2.5x
42.The Clash         2.4x
43.The Specials         2.4x
44.Siouxsie and the Banshees         2.3x
45.Alkaline Trio         2.2x
46.Jack Off Jill         2.2x
47.Anti-Flag         2.1x
48.Sex Pistols         2.1x
49.Black Flag         2.1x
50.Against Me!         2.0x
51.The Damned         1.9x
52.The Hives         1.9x
53.Blondie         1.8x
54.Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds         1.8x
55.Depeche Mode         1.7x
56.The Birthday Massacre         1.7x
57.Descendents         1.6x
58.Pixies         1.6x
59.Skinny Puppy         1.6x
60.Shiny Toy Guns         1.5x
61.Peaches         1.5x
62.Queen         1.5x
63.The Faint         1.5x
64.KMFDM         1.5x
65.Minor Threat         < 1.5x
66.Lagwagon         < 1.5x
67.Save Ferris         < 1.5x
68.Joy Division         < 1.5x
69.Bauhaus         < 1.5x
70.Black Sabbath         < 1.5x
HorrorPops are a Danish punk band that formed in 1996. The band's sound is rooted in psychobilly, rockabilly, and punk rock. more