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1.Uh Huh Her         > 20x
2.Azure Ray         > 20x
3.Missy Higgins         12.8x
4.Yeah Yeah Yeahs         7.0x
5.The xx         6.6x
6.Feist         5.3x
7.Metric         5.1x
8.Mazzy Star         4.6x
9.St. Vincent         3.6x
10.Rilo Kiley         3.2x
11.Lykke Li         3.0x
12.Bright Eyes         2.4x
13.Band of Horses         2.2x
14.Phoenix         1.7x
15.David Guetta         < 1.5x
Holly Miranda is an American singer-songwriter and musician. Besides being trained in piano, Holly is a self-taught guitar and trumpet player. In 2001, she recorded "High Above The City", a 20-track solo album available only at shows. In the fall of 2003, Holly met and teamed up with Alex Lipsen, producer and keys player. The project evolved into The Jealous Girlfriends, a four piece band based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. more