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1.BoA         > 20x
2.L'Arc-en-Ciel         14.1x
3.Ayumi Hamasaki   10.5x
4.Uverworld   10.3x
5.TVXQ         10.0x
6.Yasunori Mitsuda         9.6x
7.Asian Kung-Fu Generation         8.3x
8.Yoko Kanno         8.1x
9.The Black Mages     7.5x
10.Do As Infinity         6.4x
11.Big Bang         6.2x
12.Seatbelts         5.2x
13.X Japan         4.9x
14.Takanori Nishikawa   4.8x
15.Epik High         4.7x
16.The Pillows         4.6x
17.2NE1         4.2x
18.Hyde         4.1x
19.Gackt         4.1x
20.Capsule         3.9x
21.Shinee         3.8x
22.Malice Mizer   3.6x
23.Perfume         3.2x
24.Daft Punk         2.5x
25.Dir En Grey         2.4x
26.Super Junior         2.3x
27.Frou Frou         2.2x
28.The Protomen         2.1x
29.Dethklok         2.1x
30.t.A.T.u.         1.9x
31.Paramore         1.9x
32.Imogen Heap         1.8x
33.Within Temptation         1.7x
34.Apocalyptica         1.7x
35.Panic! at the Disco         1.6x
36.30 Seconds to Mars         1.6x
37.Orange Range         1.6x
38.John Williams         1.6x
39.Trans-Siberian Orchestra         1.5x
40.Girls' Generation         < 1.5x
41."Weird Al" Yankovic         < 1.5x
Hikaru Utada (宇多田 ヒカル, Utada Hikaru?, born January 19, 1983) is a Japanese American singer, songwriter, arranger, and producer. She is known by her stage name Utada English /uːˈtɑːdə/ in America and Europe. Since the release of her Japanese debut album First Love, which went on to become the best-selling album in Oricon history, Utada has had three of her Japanese studio albums in the list of Top 10 best-selling albums ever in Japan (number 1, 4, 8) and six of her albums (including one English-language and one compilation) charting within the ... more