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High Places

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1.Black Dice         > 20x
2.Atlas Sound         > 20x
3.Dan Deacon         > 20x
4.Ariel Pink         > 20x
5.Battles         18.7x
6.Neon Indian         13.2x
7.Animal Collective         13.1x
8.Panda Bear         12.3x
9.Stereolab         12.2x
10.Beach House         7.1x
11.Fleet Foxes         4.5x
12.Louis Armstrong         4.5x
13.Joy Division         3.1x
14.The Velvet Underground         3.0x
15.Talking Heads         2.6x
16.Tom Waits         2.5x
High Places is a band originating from Brooklyn, NY, recently relocated to Los Angeles, CA. The band is a duo comprising multi-instrumentalist Rob Barber and vocalist Mary Pearson. more