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Hercules and Love Affair

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1.Cut Copy         17.3x
2.Antony and the Johnsons       13.9x
3.Gang Gang Dance         13.1x
4.James Blake         13.1x
5.Hot Chip         12.7x
6.Robyn         12.6x
7.Beach House         7.5x
8.Goldfrapp         6.7x
9.Air         6.3x
10.LCD Soundsystem         6.2x
11.The Presets         5.7x
12.The Knife         5.6x
13.Crystal Castles         5.3x
14.Phoenix         5.1x
15.Dirty Projectors         5.0x
16.Death from Above 1979         4.4x
17.M83         4.3x
18.Scissor Sisters         4.1x
19.Yeah Yeah Yeahs         4.1x
20.Caribou         3.9x
21.The xx         3.8x
22.Owen Pallett         3.8x
23.Santigold         3.8x
24.Washed Out         3.7x
25.The National         3.7x
26.Gossip         3.4x
27.Major Lazer         3.4x
28.Daft Punk         3.3x
29.Bat for Lashes         3.1x
30.Yeasayer         3.0x
31.Rufus Wainwright         2.9x
32.Vampire Weekend         2.7x
33.Pulp         2.6x
34.Radiohead         2.5x
35.The Rapture         2.4x
36.Björk         2.4x
37.Massive Attack         2.4x
38.Interpol         2.3x
39.Animal Collective         2.2x
40.Lykke Li         2.2x
41.PJ Harvey         2.1x
42.Bon Iver         2.1x
43.Fleet Foxes         2.0x
44.Feist         2.0x
45.Joy Division         2.0x
46.Metric         1.9x
47.Grizzly Bear         1.9x
48.New Order         1.8x
49.Imogen Heap         1.8x
50.Arcade Fire         1.7x
51.Of Montreal         1.7x
52.Talking Heads         1.7x
53.M.I.A.         1.6x
54.MGMT         1.6x
55.Fiona Apple         1.5x
56.Depeche Mode         1.5x
57.Cat Power         1.5x
58.Belle & Sebastian         < 1.5x
59.Panda Bear         < 1.5x
60.Le Tigre         < 1.5x
Hercules and Love Affair is a musical project from New York based DJ Andy Butler. Members include Butler, Kim Ann Foxman, Mark Pistel, Aérea Negrot, Shaun Wright and Nellyphant. It is signed to DFA Records. The single "Blind" featuring guest Antony Hegarty (lead vocalist in Antony & The Johnsons) was released on 3 March 2008, and the debut album (produced by Butler and Tim Goldsworthy) was released on 10 March. Their self-titled album has been critically well received and charted in the top 40 in several countries. The touring group in 2008 featured guest vocalist Nomi Ruiz. The... more