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Head Automatica

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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Glassjaw         > 20x
2.Motion City Soundtrack         11.7x
3.Brand New         10.6x
4.New Found Glory         9.4x
5.The Starting Line         7.8x
6.Saves the Day         7.8x
7.Every Time I Die         7.8x
8.Mayday Parade         7.6x
9.City and Colour         6.3x
10.The Used         5.8x
11.Emarosa         5.4x
12.Coheed and Cambria         5.1x
13.The Academy Is...         5.0x
14.Anberlin         4.7x
15.Reggie and the Full Effect         4.2x
16.Jimmy Eat World         4.1x
17.Less Than Jake         3.9x
18.Say Anything         3.7x
19.Hellogoodbye         3.7x
20.Deftones         3.5x
21.Panic! at the Disco         3.4x
22.Sugarcult         3.3x
23.Blink-182         3.2x
24.The Dillinger Escape Plan         3.1x
25.Thursday         2.9x
26.The Spill Canvas         2.9x
27.Blessthefall         2.8x
28.Angels & Airwaves         2.8x
29.Rufio         2.8x
30.Poison the Well         2.6x
31.Circa Survive         2.6x
32.The Get Up Kids         2.6x
33.At the Drive-In         2.6x
34.Senses Fail         2.5x
35.The Postal Service         2.5x
36.Thrice         2.4x
37.The Mars Volta         2.3x
38.Third Eye Blind         2.2x
39.Jack's Mannequin         2.1x
40.AFI         2.0x
41.Scary Kids Scaring Kids         1.9x
42.A Day to Remember         1.9x
43.Story of the Year         1.8x
44.Rise Against         1.8x
45.Alkaline Trio         1.8x
46.Dance Gavin Dance         1.8x
47.Bayside         1.8x
48.Reel Big Fish         1.8x
49.August Burns Red         1.7x
50.Weezer         1.7x
51.Fall Out Boy         1.6x
52.Taking Back Sunday         1.6x
53.Chiodos         1.5x
54.Incubus         1.5x
55.30 Seconds to Mars         < 1.5x
56.Box Car Racer         < 1.5x
57.Dashboard Confessional         < 1.5x
Head Automatica is a rock band from Long Island, New York fronted by Daryl Palumbo (also of Glassjaw). more