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Hawthorne Heights

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1.The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus         12.1x
2.Box Car Racer         11.4x
3.All Time Low         10.8x
4.The Used         10.4x
5.The Starting Line         8.4x
6.The Academy Is...         7.8x
7.Story of the Year         7.1x
8.New Found Glory         6.8x
9.Thrice         6.4x
10.Brand New         5.9x
11.Hellogoodbye         5.7x
12.Breathe Carolina         5.7x
13.Dashboard Confessional         5.6x
14.Blink-182         5.6x
15.Boys Like Girls         5.5x
16.Cartel         5.4x
17.Bowling for Soup         5.1x
18.Sum 41         4.9x
19.Forever the Sickest Kids         4.7x
20.Panic! at the Disco         4.3x
21.Senses Fail         4.1x
22.Rise Against         4.0x
23.Motion City Soundtrack         3.7x
24.Jack's Mannequin         3.4x
25.Bayside         3.3x
26.Taking Back Sunday         3.3x
27.The All-American Rejects         3.2x
28.Relient K         3.0x
29.My Chemical Romance         2.6x
30.Lostprophets         2.6x
31.Weezer         2.6x
32.Cake         2.5x
33.Fall Out Boy         2.5x
34.Jimmy Eat World         2.3x
35.Yellowcard         2.3x
36.The Killers         2.2x
37.Sublime         2.1x
38.Silverstein         2.1x
39.Bullet for My Valentine         1.9x
40.AFI         1.8x
41.Three Days Grace         1.8x
42.Green Day         1.7x
43.Avenged Sevenfold         1.7x
44.Anberlin         1.6x
45.Flyleaf         1.5x
46.Bright Eyes         1.5x
47.MxPx         1.5x
48.Saosin         1.5x
49.Good Charlotte         1.5x
50.Nirvana         < 1.5x
51.Simple Plan         < 1.5x
52.Our Lady Peace         < 1.5x
53.Paramore         < 1.5x
Hawthorne Heights is an American emo band from Dayton, Ohio, formed in 2001. Their line-up currently consists of lead-singer and rhythm guitarist JT Woodruff, lead-guitarist and vocalist Micah Carli, bassist and backing vocalist Matt Ridenour, drummer Eron Bucciarelli, and guitarist Mark McMillon. On November 24, 2007, guitarist and unclean vocalist Casey Calvert died of accidental causes, leaving the band as a four-piece. The band, who were originally named A Day in the Life after the eponymous song by The Beatles, have released three studio albums on Victory Records since changing... more