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Hanzel und Gretyl

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1.Aesthetic Perfection         15.9x
2.MDFMK         11.9x
3.KMFDM         11.3x
4.Combichrist         9.7x
5.Ministry         7.7x
6.VNV Nation         6.2x
7.Rammstein         5.3x
8.Front 242         5.3x
9.The Crüxshadows         5.2x
10.Type O Negative         4.7x
11.Dimmu Borgir         4.4x
12.Wumpscut:         3.9x
13.Cradle of Filth         3.8x
14.White Zombie         3.4x
15.Front Line Assembly         3.2x
16.Rob Zombie         2.6x
17.Nine Inch Nails         2.4x
18.Skinny Puppy         1.8x
Industrial Metal, Neue Deutsche Härte Hanzel und Gretyl are an American Industrial Metal band formed by members Kaizer Von Loopy and Vas Kallas in February 1993. In the 1990s their sound was described as a genre-defying blend of sci-fi metal/electronic and experimental, but into the new millennium they adopted a decidedly heavier sound leaning more towards aggressive metal. Due to their heavy use of German lyrics, Germanic imagery and German-sounding pseudonyms, they are often mistaken for being a German band and are largely regarded as the only existing American Neue... more