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Handsome Furs

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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Sunset Rubdown         > 20x
2.Wolf Parade         > 20x
3.Islands         > 20x
4.The Unicorns         > 20x
5.The Walkmen         12.1x
6.The National         5.9x
7.Caribou         3.9x
8.Beach House         3.2x
9.Arcade Fire         2.8x
10.Neon Indian         2.6x
11.Crystal Castles         2.3x
12.Animal Collective         2.3x
13.Neutral Milk Hotel         2.2x
14.My Bloody Valentine         2.1x
15.Deerhunter         2.0x
16.Sufjan Stevens         2.0x
17.St. Vincent         1.9x
18.Grizzly Bear         1.9x
19.The Magnetic Fields         1.9x
20.Devendra Banhart         1.8x
21.Sigur Rós         1.7x
22.David Bowie         1.5x
23.Bon Iver         1.5x
24.LCD Soundsystem         < 1.5x
25.The Velvet Underground         < 1.5x
26.The Jesus and Mary Chain         < 1.5x
27.Beirut         < 1.5x
Handsome Furs was a Montreal-based indie rock duo which consisted of Dan Boeckner, of Wolf Parade and Atlas Strategic, and his wife, writer Alexei Perry. The band announced its breakup on May 17, 2012 via Facebook. more