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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Sabaton         > 20x
2.Alestorm         > 20x
3.Dream Evil       > 20x
4.Edguy         > 20x
5.Avantasia         > 20x
6.Demons and Wizards         > 20x
7.Lordi         > 20x
8.Manowar         > 20x
9.Blind Guardian         > 20x
10.Firewind         > 20x
11.Rhapsody of Fire         18.7x
12.Gamma Ray         18.6x
13.Running Wild         17.4x
14.Luca Turilli         16.2x
15.Sonata Arctica         16.2x
16.Turisas         16.2x
17.Epica         15.8x
18.Korpiklaani         15.5x
19.Kamelot         14.5x
20.Ayreon         14.3x
21.Bruce Dickinson         13.0x
22.Symphony X         12.5x
23.Therion         12.0x
24.Iced Earth         11.6x
25.Dio         11.0x
26.Helloween         10.6x
27.Apocalyptica         9.2x
28.Stratovarius         9.2x
29.Within Temptation         8.1x
30.Nightwish         7.5x
31.Ensiferum         7.2x
32.Dark Moor         6.9x
33.DragonForce         6.8x
34.Eluveitie         6.7x
35.Finntroll         6.5x
36.Xandria         6.5x
37.Iron Maiden         6.0x
38.Falconer         6.0x
39.Trans-Siberian Orchestra         5.7x
40.Týr         5.3x
41.W.A.S.P.         5.3x
42.Blackmore's Night         4.7x
43.Dethklok         4.3x
44.Judas Priest         4.0x
45.Devin Townsend         3.8x
46.Dream Theater         3.8x
47.Alice Cooper         3.6x
48.The Black Mages     3.5x
49.Amorphis         3.3x
50.Leaves' Eyes         3.2x
51.Wintersun         3.0x
52.Amon Amarth         2.9x
53.Testament         2.8x
54.Battlelore         2.6x
55.Megadeth         2.4x
56.Twisted Sister         2.3x
57.Rammstein         2.2x
58.Black Sabbath         2.1x
59.Ozzy Osbourne         2.1x
60.Arch Enemy         2.1x
61.AC/DC         1.8x
62.Bathory         1.8x
63.Metallica         1.8x
64.Lacuna Coil         1.7x
65.Opeth         1.7x
66.Disturbed         1.6x
67.In Flames         1.6x
68.Rob Zombie         1.5x
69.Tenacious D         < 1.5x
70.Sepultura         < 1.5x
71.Yngwie Malmsteen         < 1.5x
72.Deep Purple         < 1.5x
HammerFall is a Swedish metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. The band was formed in 1993 by ex-Ceremonial Oath guitarist Oscar Dronjak. As of 2012, they are on vacation but will return with a new album in 2014. more