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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Every Time I Die         > 20x
2.Head Automatica         > 20x
3.Between the Buried and Me         > 20x
4.Poison the Well         > 20x
5.Refused         > 20x
6.Cave In         > 20x
7.Defeater         > 20x
8.American Football         > 20x
9.Botch         17.9x
10.Converge         17.7x
11.Thursday         16.8x
12.Norma Jean         15.3x
13.Bayside         13.8x
14.Thrice         13.8x
15.The Dillinger Escape Plan         13.5x
16.Minus the Bear         13.1x
17.Cap'n Jazz         13.0x
18.Fear Before         12.9x
19.Cursive         11.6x
20.The Get Up Kids         11.4x
21.At the Drive-In         11.0x
22.Hot Water Music         10.0x
23.Set Your Goals         9.6x
24.City and Colour         9.6x
25.Deftones         9.2x
26.Circa Survive         8.9x
27.MewithoutYou         8.5x
28.Chuck Ragan         8.2x
29.La Dispute         7.8x
30.Brand New         7.3x
31.Underoath         7.0x
32.Saves the Day         6.8x
33.Alexisonfire         6.6x
34.Sunny Day Real Estate         6.0x
35.Jets to Brazil         5.9x
36.The Fall of Troy         5.7x
37.New Found Glory         5.6x
38.From Autumn to Ashes         5.4x
39.The Mars Volta         5.2x
40.Senses Fail         5.2x
41.Owen         5.0x
42.Finch         4.6x
43.Explosions in the Sky         4.4x
44.Pelican         4.0x
45.The Blood Brothers         3.8x
46.Alkaline Trio         3.7x
47.Say Anything         3.5x
48.This Will Destroy You         3.5x
49.The Lawrence Arms         3.4x
50.Against Me!         3.4x
51.Russian Circles         3.3x
52.Touché Amoré         3.2x
53.Taking Back Sunday         3.1x
54.The Promise Ring         3.0x
55.Bright Eyes         2.7x
56.Baroness         2.7x
57.Aesop Rock         2.6x
58.Coheed and Cambria         2.5x
59.Jawbreaker         2.5x
60.Andrew Jackson Jihad         2.4x
61.Minor Threat         2.3x
62.Bring Me the Horizon         2.3x
63.As I Lay Dying         2.3x
64.Tiger Army         2.2x
65.A Perfect Circle         2.2x
66.Chiodos         2.1x
67.Saosin         2.1x
68.Team Sleep         2.0x
69.Meshuggah         2.0x
70.Jimmy Eat World         2.0x
71.Black Flag         2.0x
72.Reggie and the Full Effect         1.9x
73.AFI         1.8x
74.Killswitch Engage         1.8x
75.Mastodon         1.8x
76.Fugazi         1.8x
77.Band of Horses         1.8x
78.Manchester Orchestra         1.7x
79.The Sound of Animals Fighting         1.7x
80.Hopesfall         1.6x
81.Horse the Band         1.6x
82.Mike Patton         1.5x
83.The Gaslight Anthem         1.5x
84.Anthony Green         1.5x
85.The Starting Line         < 1.5x
Glassjaw is an American post-hardcore band from Long Island, New York. The band is fronted by vocalist Daryl Palumbo and guitarist Justin Beck. The band has been influential in the progression of the underground music scene in the eastern United States and United Kingdom and on the post-hardcore genre, and are known for their intense live shows and constant line-up changes. more