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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Fear         18.8x
2.Circle Jerks         17.8x
3.Adolescents         17.4x
4.The Dead Boys         16.5x
5.Descendents         12.9x
6.Minor Threat         12.3x
7.Stiff Little Fingers         11.9x
8.Black Flag         11.7x
9.The Cramps         11.5x
10.Crass         9.3x
11.Johnny Thunders         9.3x
12.Buzzcocks         8.8x
13.The Dead Milkmen         8.8x
14.45 Grave         8.7x
15.Dead Kennedys         8.5x
16.Minutemen         8.2x
17.T.S.O.L.         7.9x
18.Ramones         7.8x
19.The Sonics         7.8x
20.The Damned         7.7x
21.X-Ray Spex         7.5x
22.Bad Brains         7.2x
23.Misfits         6.9x
24.The Gun Club         6.5x
25.Siouxsie and the Banshees         6.4x
26.Subhumans         6.4x
27.Iggy Pop         6.2x
28.The Stooges         5.6x
29.The Clash         5.5x
30.GG Allin         5.5x
31.Joy Division         5.2x
32.Flipper         5.2x
33.Devo         5.2x
34.Siouxsie Sioux         5.0x
35.The Replacements         4.9x
36.Cro-Mags         4.7x
37.Screeching Weasel         4.4x
38.Fugazi         4.2x
39.Stray Cats         4.1x
40.Sex Pistols         4.1x
41.Cock Sparrer         3.9x
42.Adam and the Ants         3.9x
43.Cabaret Voltaire         3.8x
44.The Queers         3.8x
45.New York Dolls         3.8x
46.Hank Williams         3.6x
47.Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds         3.4x
48.The Casualties         3.3x
49.Gorilla Biscuits         3.3x
50.Hüsker Dü         3.3x
51.T. Rex         3.3x
52.Peter Murphy         3.2x
53.The Birthday Party         3.2x
54.Jello Biafra         3.1x
55.Wipers         3.1x
56.Bad Religion         2.9x
57.The Velvet Underground         2.9x
58.Rancid         2.8x
59.Operation Ivy         2.8x
60.Wire         2.8x
61.Blondie         2.7x
62.Gang of Four         2.7x
63.The Specials         2.7x
64.Violent Femmes         2.6x
65.Tiger Army         2.6x
66.Patti Smith         2.6x
67.The Smiths         2.6x
68.New Order         2.5x
69.The Psychedelic Furs         2.5x
70.Alien Sex Fiend         2.3x
71.Big Black         2.3x
72.The Jam         2.2x
73.Mission of Burma         2.2x
74.Red Lorry Yellow Lorry         2.2x
75.Buddy Holly         2.2x
76.The Vandals         2.2x
77.Pixies         2.1x
78.Tones on Tail         2.1x
79.Swans         2.1x
80.Sonic Youth         2.1x
81.Johnny Cash         2.0x
82.Thin Lizzy         2.0x
83.Public Image Ltd         2.0x
84.Bauhaus         2.0x
85.Echo & the Bunnymen         1.9x
86.James Brown         1.9x
87.The Cure         1.8x
88.Nick Cave         1.8x
89.Chuck Berry         1.8x
90.Ween         1.8x
91.Henry Rollins         1.7x
92.Discharge         1.7x
93.Link Wray         1.7x
94.Otis Redding         1.7x
95.Streetlight Manifesto         1.7x
96.The Pogues         1.6x
97.Bikini Kill         1.6x
98.Talking Heads         1.6x
99.Public Enemy         1.6x
100.Motörhead         1.6x
101.Tom Waits         1.6x
102.David Bowie         1.5x
103.Sham 69         1.5x
104.The Adicts         1.5x
105.Howlin' Wolf         < 1.5x
106.The Kinks         < 1.5x
107.Roy Orbison         < 1.5x
108.Stevie Wonder         < 1.5x
109.The Mighty Mighty Bosstones         < 1.5x
The Germs are an American punk rock band from Los Angeles, California, originally active from 1977 to 1980. The band's early lineup consisted of singer Darby Crash, guitarist Pat Smear, bassist Lorna Doom, and their most consistent drummer Don Bolles. They released only one album, 1979's (GI) (produced by Joan Jett) and were featured the following year in Penelope Spheeris' documentary film The Decline of Western Civilization, which chronicled the Los Angeles punk movement. The Germs disbanded following Crash's suicide on December 7, 1980. Their music was...... more