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1.Underoath         > 20x
2.Thursday         > 20x
3.Thrice         > 20x
4.Sleeping with Sirens         > 20x
5.Emery         18.6x
6.Anberlin         14.7x
7.Saves the Day         12.7x
8.The Get Up Kids         10.1x
9.Minus the Bear         8.6x
10.Copeland         7.4x
11.The Starting Line         7.2x
12.Circa Survive         6.1x
13.Senses Fail         5.9x
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17.The Postal Service         4.2x
18.Alexisonfire         4.0x
19.Reggie and the Full Effect         4.0x
20.Silverstein         3.3x
21.Jimmy Eat World         3.2x
22.Finch         2.6x
23.New Found Glory         2.4x
24.Taking Back Sunday         2.4x
25.Saosin         2.3x
26.City and Colour         2.3x
27.Motion City Soundtrack         2.1x
28.Say Anything         2.0x
29.Something Corporate         1.8x
30.Death Cab for Cutie         1.6x
Further Seems Forever is an American rock band formed in 1998 in Pompano Beach, Florida. Over its initial eight-year run the band experienced several lineup changes, resulting in a different lead vocalist performing on each of their first three studio albums. Original singer Chris Carrabba recorded The Moon Is Down (2001) with the group before leaving to start Dashboard Confessional. He was replaced by Jason Gleason, who performed on How to Start a Fire (2003) but left the band the following year. Former Sense Field vocalist Jon Bunch joined Further Seems Forever for ... more