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From Autumn to Ashes

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1.Emery         > 20x
2.The Juliana Theory         19.2x
3.Poison the Well         18.7x
4.Thrice         18.4x
5.Senses Fail         16.6x
6.Thursday         15.7x
7.Brand New         15.5x
8.Finch         12.1x
9.Glassjaw         11.2x
10.Saosin         10.8x
11.Chiodos         10.6x
12.Underoath         10.3x
13.Reggie and the Full Effect         9.6x
14.Anberlin         8.8x
15.Funeral for a Friend         8.3x
16.Silverstein         7.9x
17.Story of the Year         7.9x
18.Alkaline Trio         7.8x
19.Alexisonfire         7.4x
20.Against Me!         6.3x
21.The Used         6.1x
22.The Get Up Kids         5.9x
23.Every Time I Die         5.9x
24.New Found Glory         5.7x
25.Rise Against         5.6x
26.Taking Back Sunday         4.9x
27.Say Anything         4.9x
28.Killswitch Engage         4.8x
29.Escape the Fate         4.3x
30.As I Lay Dying         4.3x
31.Kill Hannah         3.9x
32.Jimmy Eat World         3.9x
33.The Devil Wears Prada         3.8x
34.Circa Survive         3.5x
35.Goldfinger         3.5x
36.MxPx         3.3x
37.Saves the Day         3.1x
38.Blink-182         3.0x
39.The Casualties         2.9x
40.Rancid         2.7x
41.Deftones         2.7x
42.Bullet for My Valentine         2.6x
43.The Early November         2.5x
44.From First to Last         2.3x
45.Between the Buried and Me         2.3x
46.Weezer         2.2x
47.In Flames         2.0x
48.At the Drive-In         2.0x
49.Yellowcard         1.9x
50.The Postal Service         1.9x
51.Atreyu         1.8x
52.Armor for Sleep         1.8x
53.A Day to Remember         1.7x
54.Third Eye Blind         1.6x
55.Dashboard Confessional         1.6x
56.Coheed and Cambria         1.5x
57.AFI         1.5x
58.HIM         < 1.5x
59.Converge         < 1.5x
60.Death Cab for Cutie         < 1.5x
61.Angels & Airwaves         < 1.5x
62.Flyleaf         < 1.5x
From Autumn to Ashes was a post-hardcore band that formed on Long Island in 2000. While the band had gone through many line-up changes, the members include Francis Mark (lead vocals, drums), Scott Gross (guitars), Benjamin Perri (lead vocals), Brian Deneeve (guitars, backing vocals), Stephen Salvio (guitars), Josh Newton (bass guitar), Mike Pilato (bass guitar, backing vocals), Rob Lauritsen (guitars), Jonathan Cox (guitars) and Jeff Gretz (drums, backing vocals), Described as "melody and lushness meets brutality," the band released their debut full-length album Too Bad... more