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Freelance Whales

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1.Stars         5.7x
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20.Noah and the Whale         1.9x
21.Ingrid Michaelson         1.7x
22.Brand New         1.7x
23.The Decemberists         1.7x
24.Metric         1.7x
25.Grizzly Bear         1.7x
26.Vampire Weekend         1.6x
27.The Postal Service         1.6x
28.Two Door Cinema Club         1.5x
29.Tegan and Sara         < 1.5x
Freelance Whales is an American indie rock band which formed in Queens, New York in 2008. The band consists of frontman Judah Dadone (lead vocals, banjo, acoustic and electric guitar, synthesizer, bass), and bandmates Doris Cellar (bass, harmonium, glockenspiel, synthesizer, vocals), Chuck Criss (banjo, bass, synthesizer, glockenspiel, harmonium, acoustic and electric guitar, vocals), Jacob Hyman (drums, percussion, vocals) and Kevin Read (acoustic and electric guitar, glockenspiel, mandolin, synthesizer, vocals). more