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Freedom Call

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1.Rhapsody of Fire         > 20x
2.Turisas         > 20x
3.Alestorm         > 20x
4.Dark Moor         19.6x
5.Falconer         16.8x
6.Helloween         15.9x
7.Sabaton         13.9x
8.Avantasia         9.1x
9.Korpiklaani         6.9x
10.Apocalyptica         6.3x
11.Stratovarius         5.8x
12.Finntroll         5.3x
13.HammerFall         5.1x
14.Blind Guardian         2.8x
15.Kamelot         2.8x
Freedom Call is a German power metal band formed in 1998. more