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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Adolescents         > 20x
2.Germs         > 20x
3.Circle Jerks         > 20x
4.Gorilla Biscuits         > 20x
5.Minor Threat         18.2x
6.Descendents         17.7x
7.Black Flag         16.2x
8.Cock Sparrer         14.2x
9.Bad Brains         13.4x
10.The Dead Boys         11.9x
11.Buzzcocks         10.2x
12.Dead Kennedys         10.0x
13.Stiff Little Fingers         9.7x
14.Subhumans         8.9x
15.Misfits         8.7x
16.Minutemen         7.5x
17.45 Grave         6.7x
18.Fugazi         6.6x
19.Cro-Mags         6.5x
20.MC5         6.1x
21.T.S.O.L.         6.1x
22.Hank Williams         5.8x
23.GG Allin         5.6x
24.The Cramps         5.5x
25.The Queers         5.3x
26.Motörhead         5.1x
27.Johnny Thunders         4.9x
28.Ramones         4.3x
29.Toots and the Maytals         4.3x
30.Sex Pistols         4.2x
31.Devo         4.0x
32.The B-52's         4.0x
33.Operation Ivy         3.8x
34.The Clash         3.8x
35.The Specials         3.6x
36.Iggy Pop         3.4x
37.Screeching Weasel         3.4x
38.Hank Williams III         3.3x
39.The Pogues         3.3x
40.Venom         2.9x
41.Crass         2.9x
42.The Stooges         2.8x
43.Violent Femmes         2.7x
44.The Smiths         2.3x
45.Stray Cats         2.2x
46.Blondie         1.9x
47.The Get Up Kids         1.9x
48.Johnny Cash         1.8x
49.Buddy Holly         1.8x
50.Love and Rockets         1.7x
51.Deep Purple         1.6x
52.Lead Belly         1.5x
53.Muddy Waters         1.5x
54.Chuck Berry         1.5x
55.Ween         < 1.5x
56.Joy Division         < 1.5x
57.Wu-Tang Clan         < 1.5x
58.Henry Rollins         < 1.5x
59.The Dead Milkmen         < 1.5x
Fear is a punk rock band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 1977. The band is credited for helping to shape the sound and style of Californian hardcore punk, the group started out as part of the early California punk rock scene, and gained national prominence after an infamous 1981 performance on Saturday Night Live. A re-recording of 1982’s The Record was released in late 2012. Frontman Lee Ving has been the band's only constant member. Since its formation, the band went through various line-up changes and at one point featured Flea of the Red Hot Chili... more