People who dig

Fall Out Boy

are LEAST LIKELY to dig...
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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Kraftwerk         0.1x
2.Sufjan Stevens         0.2x
3.Feist         0.2x
4.My Bloody Valentine         0.2x
5.Sonic Youth         0.2x
6.PJ Harvey         0.2x
7.Neil Young         0.2x
8.Tom Waits         0.2x
9.Brian Eno         0.2x
10.Ghostface Killah         0.2x
11.Muddy Waters         0.2x
12.The Kinks         0.2x
13.Arch Enemy         0.2x
14.Frank Zappa         0.2x
15.T. Rex         0.2x
16.Venetian Snares         0.2x
17.The Byrds         0.2x
18.Beirut         0.3x
19.Ted Nugent         0.3x
20.Nick Drake         0.3x
21.Talking Heads         0.3x
22.J Dilla         0.3x
23.Judas Priest         0.3x
24.Elvis Costello         0.3x
25.The National         0.3x
26.Bee Gees         0.3x
27.The Stooges         0.3x
28.Dinosaur Jr.         0.3x
29.Andrew Bird         0.3x
30.Beach House         0.3x
31.Built to Spill         0.3x
32.Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds         0.3x
33.Yo La Tengo         0.3x
34.John Lee Hooker         0.3x
35.Bob Dylan         0.3x
36.The Band         0.3x
37.Broken Social Scene         0.3x
38.The Velvet Underground         0.3x
39.Joy Division         0.3x
40.LCD Soundsystem         0.3x
41.The Stone Roses         0.3x
42.B.B. King         0.3x