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People who like the musical artist you searched for, are this much more likely to like each artist below, than the average person is.
1.Electric Wizard         > 20x
2.Crowbar         > 20x
3.Neurosis         > 20x
4.High on Fire         > 20x
5.Om         > 20x
6.Entombed         > 20x
7.Voivod         > 20x
8.Suffocation         > 20x
9.Kylesa         > 20x
10.Darkthrone         > 20x
11.Emperor         > 20x
12.Sleep         19.4x
13.Boris         18.7x
14.Napalm Death         17.7x
15.Bathory         17.0x
16.Venom         15.3x
17.Clutch         14.9x
18.Corrosion of Conformity         13.7x
19.Kyuss         13.0x
20.Mike Patton         13.0x
21.Morbid Angel         12.8x
22.Sunn O)))         12.3x
23.Swans         12.2x
24.Agalloch         11.9x
25.Burzum         11.2x
26.Deicide         8.3x
27.Pig Destroyer         8.2x
28.Nile         7.9x
29.Bolt Thrower         7.8x
30.Candlemass         7.7x
31.Melvins         7.5x
32.Immortal         7.5x
33.Carcass         7.4x
34.Sepultura         7.1x
35.Wolves in the Throne Room         6.9x
36.Mastodon         5.7x
37.Baroness         5.5x
38.Godflesh         5.4x
39.Wu-Tang Clan         5.2x
40.Black Sabbath         4.9x
41.Black Flag         4.9x
42.Slayer         4.5x
43.Mayhem         4.5x
44.Down         4.2x
45.Cannibal Corpse         3.9x
46.Faith No More         3.7x
47.Howlin' Wolf         3.5x
48.Fantômas         3.4x
49.Kreator         3.1x
50.Converge         2.6x
51.Motörhead         2.6x
52.Pantera         2.6x
53.Joy Division         2.4x
54.Meshuggah         2.3x
55.Dinosaur Jr.         2.3x
56.Deftones         1.9x
57.Dead Kennedys         1.6x
58.Iron Maiden         1.5x
59.Aphex Twin         1.5x
60.Strapping Young Lad         < 1.5x
Eyehategod (also abbreviated and referred to as EHG) is an American sludge metal band from New Orleans who formed in 1988. They have become one of the most well known bands to emerge from the NOLA metal scene. Throughout the years, their core line-up has remained, with the exceptions of the bass guitarist, a slot in which several musicians have played, and the death of drummer Joey LaCaze in 2013. Eyehategod have noted Melvins, Carnivore, The Obsessed, Discharge, Black Flag, Corrosion of Conformity, Black Sabbath, Celtic Frost, Confessor and Saint Vitus as key... more