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Erlend Øye

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1.The Whitest Boy Alive         19.0x
2.Underworld         16.4x
3.Hot Chip         6.5x
4.Kings of Convenience         5.9x
5.The Knife         3.9x
6.LCD Soundsystem         2.8x
7.Portishead         2.4x
8.Air         2.3x
9.Beck         1.9x
10.Daft Punk         1.7x
11.Röyksopp         1.7x
12.Bright Eyes         1.5x
Erlend Øye is a Norwegian musician from Bergen, best known for being part of the indie folk duo Kings of Convenience together with Eirik Glambek Bøe. He has released one solo album, Unrest, in 2003 and a mix-CD in the DJ-Kicks series in 2004. He was born on 21 November 1975 in Bergen and formed the band Skog together with some friends in the mid-1990s. He joined the band Peachfuzz in 1996 as electric guitarist, and played several times in London between 1996-98. Øye moved to London in 1998 and then to Manchester for the first half of 1999. When he was back home in... more